Is Gary Pinkel the most underrated college football coach in America?

Think about this for a second: tonight, Missouri plays Texas A&M. If you had looked at this game before the season, it would be realistic to expect one team to be ranked No. 5, and one team to be ranked No. 21… Continue Reading

It’s Small Business Saturday. Has that concept been successful in the U.S.?

Small Business Saturday 2012 registered about $4.5 billion in sales two years after being created (the concept was) by American Express. By some estimates, Black Friday 2012 registered about three times the sales ($11-$12 billion); that was even a drop of… Continue Reading


Poland, a country with basically 200 years of tragic history, is now Europe’s most vibrant economy

Consider this: only 20 years ago, the Russian army still had troops in Poland. Democracy in Poland didn’t even start to gain steam as an idea until June of 1989, and that followed a long period where many economic observers… Continue Reading


The Apple Cup sometimes seems like an irrelevant rivalry, but … it’s the American struggle at heart, y’all

The Apple Cup — an annual football clash between Washington State University (Pullman) and University of Washington (Seattle) — has been played roughly 105 times. In that period, both teams have been ranked only five times: 1936, 1972, 1981, 1997, and… Continue Reading


What exactly happened with PA Governor Tom Corbett’s popularity?

This Tom Corbett situation in PA is endlessly interesting. Basic facts: he’s the Governor. He’s a Republican. He’s insanely unpopular in his own state. He actually just had the worst poll numbers in Franklin and Marshall state polling history, and GOP… Continue Reading


Aaron Levie, the CEO of Box, could help reshape how we function at work

Until 20 minutes ago, I had never heard of Aaron Levie. In some ways, i.e. for my sense of self, that’s probably a good thing, since he was born five years after me and is already worth significantly more than I ever… Continue Reading

Black Friday: Like all great things in America, we have Philadelphia and the service academies to thank

Here’s a typical look at Black Friday, via the Twitter Machine: Long lines @BestBuy. Let the madness begin #BlackFriday — Annalyn Kurtz (@AnnalynKurtz) November 28, 2013 In reality, Black Friday isn’t even a thing anymore — the stuff can start a… Continue Reading

Thanksgiving is essentially a celebration of what makes us human

First off, that’s not to say a nation that doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving also doesn’t contain humans. It’s more a discussion of the core elements of Thanksgiving — thankfulness and gratitude — being far more than sentiment.  Evolutionary biologists and philosophers use… Continue Reading