Chris Pratt has come a long way from selling coupons, being on Everwood

Pratt killed it in Moneyballis an anchor of Parks and Recreationwent serious (and got yoked) for Zero Dark Thirty, just wrapped Guardians of the Galaxyhas a baby, and might be starring in June 2015’s Jurassic World. As you logically guessed, that’s the next film in the Jurassic franchise; Spielberg isn’t going to direct, but will produce. The role was initially ticketed for Josh Brolin, but that fell through. Oh, and Pratt’s wife is Anna Faris, who’s fairly attractive (not a surprise that Pratt could land her), and has her own new show, Mom, which admittedly isn’t amazingly funny but will likely get renewed. (It also has TV all-star Alison Janney and Badger from Breaking Bad in an utterly different kind of role.)

Chris Pratt was on Everwood roughly a decade or so ago:

There are tons of actors who’ve had meteoric rises — I think the nature of acting is getting hot at the right time, much like (a) politics or (b) becoming a head coach in football — but Pratt might have one of the most interesting journeys of the past decade. In that time, he’s basically been a scene-stealer on a well-respected sitcom, played a key character role in a movie about the biggest manhunt of this generation, bonded with Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill on a movie adapted from a book that changed numerous understandings about ‘America’s game,’ and is now anchoring action films, including Spielberg-level action films. Oh, and he bagged Anna Faris. This guy used to sell coupons.

Interestingly, in this pic he has kind of a younger Josh Brolin/Brad Pitt thing going on. You can see a little of the same vibe here.

He does have the Vince Vaughn comedy Delivery Man coming up; I really hope that’s funny because Vaughn was one of my favorite early-2000s comedic actors and he could use a big box office for a movie he’s starring in. I don’t think it’s going to do much one way or the other for Pratt’s shining star; it’ll probably be close to the role he played in Five-Year Engagement, if anything.

Pratt’s Twitter is a study in emotional beauty, to boot:

He also appears to be a fairly dedicated Seahawks fan, which would make sense, as both him and Faris are from Washington state.

I also totally forgot to mention his role in The LEGO Movie.

Pratt has an affability that’s hard to teach — he’s almost like a less-slick Vince Vaughn, or a less-attractive (more attractive?) Luke Wilson — and he can work in a variety of different types of roles. His star is only going to continue to shine (says the person that knows absolutely zilch about Hollywood). Congrats on this run, sir. It certainly seems that it’s well-deserved; it’s truly an unbelievable life.

Ted Bauer