More people are moving to the South and the West in the U.S., and that 3.1 percent North Dakota uptick is… OH GOD A TRAIN JUST BLEW UP

Some new census data is out on the topic of where Americans move to. This stuff is always interesting, and this one is no exception. Most Americans are moving to the South and the West, generically speaking. From Real Clear Politics:… Continue Reading

The January 1 Netflix purge is upon us: Kids In The Hall, Can’t Hardly Wait, Back to School are all off streaming

The Netflix streaming market in the U.S. is a moving target — different content agreements end at different times (and new ones start), so what’s available on there can vary accordingly (that’s probably one of the most obvious sentences I’ve… Continue Reading

Hangovers are bad, and are even worse when we’re older. Thanks to South Korean lab rats, we have an idea why.

There’s a good chance you might be hungover tomorrow. Such is, as they say, life. The first thing I would recommend is not watching the above video while hungover — it blares Rihanna at you, and that can be extremely tough to… Continue Reading


Tony Hsieh, Zappos, Darwin and (maybe) the future of work

If you ask a woman anywhere north of about 16 right now to name a good company for customer service, I’d bet you $10 (and that’s a lot for me, if we’re being open here) that within the first three… Continue Reading


The five best-performing stocks of 2013 were … Tesla (check), Netflix (check), Twitter (check), Herbalife (check), and … Best Buy?

The first couple seem to make sense — Tesla could be the future of cars, Netflix is just crushing it in every way, Twitter had an IPO this year, and Herbalife, well, at the very least they drop dime on… Continue Reading

What are going to be the big movies of 2014 or, phrased another way, is it the year of Shailene Woodley?

One year turns to the next, and while we make lists of stuff related to the year we’ve just finished, we also look breathlessly ahead. Movies are tough to hit on — release dates can change pretty quickly (for example,… Continue Reading

If you think your NYE is lame, you could always attend the Possum Drop in North Carolina

I was looking around for some weird New Year’s Eve traditions. There’s a handful of articles on this topic right now because Badoo just did a poll on the topic. No. 1 on their list was a tradition in Talca, Chile where… Continue Reading

This Trayvon Martin Nativity scene may have gone a little overboard, yes

John Zachary, a 57 year-old artist, does the Nativity installation for Claremont United Methodist Church every year (he’s a parishioner). This year, the scene features a slumped-over, bleeding Trayvon Martin. Here’s what Zachary had to say, via The Los Angeles Times: “He… Continue Reading