The January 1 Netflix purge is upon us: Kids In The Hall, Can’t Hardly Wait, Back to School are all off streaming

The Netflix streaming market in the U.S. is a moving target — different content agreements end at different times (and new ones start), so what’s available on there can vary accordingly (that’s probably one of the most obvious sentences I’ve ever written). Because the first of a new year is a big deal in terms of agreements, a bunch of stuff is expiring soon (as in, within 24 hours). Here’s the full list and of course, this just applies to the U.S. market and to streaming; if you have the DVD mail delivery option, you can still order these shows.

Some of the gems dropping off:

Mike Dexter later become Carlisle Cullen in Twilight, which is kind of stunning.

I still think you can make a case that Do the Right Thing is Spike Lee’s best movie, with Inside Man as a potential running mate.

There was an 18-month or so period in the U.S. among 20-somethings when Half Baked was the movie you had to have seen to understand half the inside jokes at parties.

Probably one of the most quoted movie scenes of the past 20-30 years, no? Mel Gibson’s fall from grace was fairly staggering if you consider how big he was at a time.

For all the crazy that Oliver Stone can descend into here and there, Platoon is just a really well-made film.

Actually saw a girl tell a guy “Take me to bed or lose me forever” at a bar in Maryland once. Admittedly was pretty hot.

(Tough language in that one.) I love Kevin Smith. Kinda always thought Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was underrated.

I confused this movie with Footlose for about six of my late single-digit/early teen years. Flashdance has some strong stuff going on, though.

Kids in the Hall was a blissfully underrated show. It wasn’t The State, but few things are. Whenever I see Dave Foley pop up on a sitcom now, I smile.

Madonna was always kinda risque, but I think her doing this movie in 1993 was considered a big deal at the time. As a 13 year-old boy, I was just excited that Madonna was doing stuff in an R-rated film. Years later, it seems less exciting.

Always thought Titanic was an overrated movie, but … I understand the resonance it has in American culture.

I honestly think the 1976 Bad News Bears is one of the better ‘stands-the-test-of-time’ movies of all-time. This was made when Ford was President, and it’s still hysterical. The language is incredible — it shows you how much the moral compass of America has changed in about 35 years. Chris Barnes, aka Tanner Boyle, hasn’t acted since 1983. Sad.

Ted Bauer