If Satya Nadella is going to be the CEO at Microsoft, that’s a big deal for (a) develop-don’t-poach and (b) cloud services

Satya Nadella is supposedly going to be the next CEO of Microsoft (although plans are not final), and if he is, it means two important things in the business / technology world. Let’s start with a little bit of context. First off,… Continue Reading


“Without Lake Mead, there wouldn’t be Las Vegas” — so are we eventually going to lose Las Vegas?

The above clip is from CBS Evening News last night; it deals with drought levels in the Western U.S., specifically in Lake Mead, which is the primary water source for about 20 million people in southern Nevada and southern California. They currently… Continue Reading

Where Signing Day and the Super Bowl intersect: Peyton Manning and Randy Moss could have been something at Tennessee

Quick story of import here: on Sunday, Peyton Manning will go for his second Super Bowl ring. If he gets it, people think maybe he walks into the sunset (but he probably doesn’t). Regardless, it’s been an insanely productive professional… Continue Reading


Let’s all talk about creationism in schools ranging from Louisiana to South Dakota

South Dakota now wants to teach creationism/intelligent design in its schools. (Creationism is basically the idea that life, Earth and the universe are the product of a supernatural being, i.e. God.) Problem is, since about 1968, it’s been illegal to teach… Continue Reading


Cord-cutting, Time Warner analytics, and why the WWE model makes the most sense

Check out the chart above. It’s from Time Warner; during the last quarter reported, they lost 217K video customers (while gaining about 39K broadband customers). You’d have to head back to 2009 to find the last time the company added more video… Continue Reading


Bill de Blasio gets all the ink, but maybe Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto is the real city-redefiner

Bill de Blasio became Mayor of NYC and within literally moments, people were tapping him as a VP candidate down the road. He’s a new kind of liberal! It’s going to be a progressive revolution! All this makes sense — de Blasio is… Continue Reading

Chipotle has a new TV show on Hulu called Farmed and Dangerous. Wait, what? Chipotle has a TV show?

The series rolls out on Hulu on February 17. But wait, why would a burrito company make an Internet/app TV show? Doesn’t that seem weird? Not entirely. First of all, there’s no product placement in the episodes of the show… Continue Reading