Todd from Breaking Bad (i.e. Jesse Plemons) as a young Luke Skywalker in J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars movie? Sure.

Depending on your particular streaming video obsession, you know Jesse Plemons as either Landry from Friday Night Lights or Todd from Breaking Bad. I watched both shows, although I was a lot more into Breaking Bad all told, and I think Plemons has one of those careers that seems to consistently trend upward — I’m not going to equate him with someone like a Brad Pitt, but if you remember Brad Pitt back in the ol’ days (pre Thelma and Louise), he was appearing periodically on TV:

Hell, even Matthew McConaughey debuted on Unsolved Mysteries (someone needs to tell me why YouTube seems to have scrubbed that entire show).

The big rumor with Plemons now is that he’s up for a lead part in the new Star Wars movie, which is coming down the pike via J.J. Abrams. The plot of that movie isn’t completely known, although it’s supposed to focus on “two male characters and one female,” so Plemons could be one of those. Some articles (like the one linked in this paragraph) have claimed that he looks a little bit like a young Mark Hamill, so a Skywalker thing could be potentially the path here. I don’t know if he really looks like Mark Hamill, but Todd Alquist and Luke Skywalker being played by the same dude is a total mind-fuck on par with Bunk Morehouse now playing Michael J. Fox’s boss in his new sitcom (which also has a Breaking Bad tie).

Plemons is only one person that’s reportedly auditioned, including Michael B. Jordan (from The Wire and Fruitvale Station), but apparently he’s a “favorite” to land a key role. There’s a deeper connection here: Giancarlo Espositio (Gus from Breaking Bad) is on Abrams’ NBC show, so perhaps Abrams had a fondness for the AMC show.

My two cents: Plemons is an attractive dude, he can play different roles, and he deserves more reps. It would be great to see him spotlighted on a big Christmas 2015/all-time franchise movie. There was honestly a chance that after “Face/Off” (the episode of Breaking Bad where Gus dies), the show could have gone downhill a little bit — the neo-Nazi angle, all told, was a bit strange, and Jesse’s role declined a bit in the final eight episodes (he was enslaved for about a third of it). Todd — and his stuff with Lydia, his stuff with Drew Sharp, etc. — basically changed the whole tenor of Season 5 in some ways. To radically shift a show that was already that good? That’s impressive. Plemons should be on a bigger stage. I hope these rumors are true — although honestly, Michael B. Jordan as a lead wouldn’t be awful either. And if they were the two male leads? Then you’d have arguably the two best TV shows of the past 20 years represented in the re-incarnation of one of the biggest movie franchises ever. That’d be kind of an interesting cultural shift, eh?

Oh, and just because ….

Ted Bauer

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