The Heather Elvis case is kind of a hot mess, but focus on the names Sidney Moorer and Jeremy Fleming

Heather Elvis has been missing for about six-seven weeks now; she was a 20 year-old restaurant hostess in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Basic story is here: she went on a date (a first date), the guy apparently taught her to drive stick-shift (not a bad pun, I swear), dropped her back at home, she called her roommate (who was out of state) and then she disappeared. The case has gotten some national attention, and her father wrote a piece for xoJane. There have been a couple of arrests in the case, but they’re for obstructing justice and Elvis’ father doesn’t think the guys arrested really had anything to do with the disappearance. There have been some harassment complaints too, and that’s where stuff starts to get a little more interesting.

Let’s start with some basics: apparently, the guy who was on a first date with Heather Elvis has been interviewed and ruled out. As of now, he’s clear. (His name is Steve Shiraldi, apparently.) Now, the “police report” is online (PDF). It looks pretty official but these things aren’t tremendously hard to fake, so take it with a grain of salt. If you go down to “Entity 5” (Jeremy Fleming), he’s listed as a former boyfriend of Heather Elvis and “possibly violent.” Now, another “entity” in that police report is Sidney Moorer; he’s about twice the age of Heather Elvis and apparently had a relationship (sexual) with her at some point. They may have been on the phone until 6am on the night before her disappearance, and her roommate (another entity in the police report) notes that she was “crying and upset.” You can find a little more about the Moorer-Elvis relationship here, including a Facebook/Tumblr post from Moorer’s wife claiming that he “banged some hoe three times.” Here’s a screen cap:


To make this even more insane, Moorer has an arrest record. And remember those harassment complaints mentioned above? Turns out it’s possible that Heather Elvis’ dad — the xoJane poster — is harassing Moorer himself:

Efforts to reach Moorer have been unsuccessful.

Terry Elvis, father of Heather Elvis, is mentioned in three of the reports – twice as an “other entity” and once as a “suspect.”

In one report, a witness said Terry Elvis took pictures of the Moorer home, placed missing persons posters near the residence and made threats.

Two other reports said Elvis has been driving by Moorer’s house on several occasions.

Elvis also couldn’t be reached for comment.

Obviously everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but if you connect the dots here using Occam’s Razor, this seems to be what happened: Heather Elvis had a sneaking-around relationship with this guy Moorer for a while. She eventually realized it wasn’t going anywhere and decided to be a 20-something and go on a couple of dates; Moorer thought he still had a chance (there are Facebook screen-caps about them being at CVS looking at pregnancy tests, but none of that stuff is confirmed). She gets home from this date and either calls Moorer to taunt him about it — apparently she told her roommate the date went well — or Moorer calls her (maybe he saw her out?) and says he’s ready to leave his wife for her. She’s conflicted, they keep talking, tears flow … eventually he convinces her to meet him somewhere, and that’s where something bad happened. Moorer quite possibly decided that if he couldn’t have her, no man could.

Or, it could be that Moorer was just on the phone with her, and this Fleming character is the person connected to her disappearance.

It seems like the basic situation involving this case is a girl with too many suitors, some (one) of whom was ultimately crazy (in a horrible way). I hope I’m mostly wrong, though. I’m not sure how Garrett Starnes and William Barrett are involved here; it seems they might have just done dumb shit on social media.

The flyer has been updated, if you’re interested in sharing it or have any potential tips.

Ted Bauer


  1. If you site Chelsea Hoffman, you will lose followers. She is at best guessing like everyone else. She has no credentials and a mere student at a less than qualifying college. A self proclaimed “armchair profiler.”

    • I understand what you’re saying, Brandon … although it does seem that, in this case, Mr. Moorer seems to be a person of interest to local authorities. Innocent until proven guilty, of course.

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