It’s been over a year since Kelsie Schelling went missing. It might be time to apply the heat to her boyfriend, Donthe Lucas.

Kelsie Schelling was last seen on February 4, 2013. You can read the basic case details here, but essentially this is what happened: she was 22 and recently had found out she was pregnant. She drove from Denver to Pueblo (CO) to tell her boyfriend, Donthe Lucas, this news. She hasn’t been seen since. You leery already? There’s more. Cell phone records do confirm she made it to Pueblo. Her car is parked at a Wal-Mart in Pueblo at 12:05pm on February 5. At 7:20am on February 6, an unidentified man — who’s the primary person police are looking to speak with, a year later — gets in the car and drives it to St. Mary-Corwin Hospital, four miles away. That’s where police eventually found it.

There are basically no new clues a year in, but … let’s talk about Lucas for a second. He denies involvement but does remain a person of interest — although he’s never been charged with anything — although according to Schelling’s family, he did use her debit card after her window of disappearance. (He was charged for that, posted bail, and was released.) Apparently he’s been less cooperative with the police as the investigation has continued. All these things would seem to add up to him as the primary suspect, but obviously a case needs to be built.

Here’s a Facebook thread about Lucas and his cooperation with the police, and here’s a bit more about Lucas, who played basketball for Northeastern Junior College. There’s also this:

“Cell phone records show that Kelsie sent picture messages of her ultrasound pictures taken that day to family members and also to Donthe and his mother,” Saxton said at an April press conference; her complete remarks are below. “Cell phone records also show that Donthe asked Kelsie to come to Pueblo when she got off of work that night because he needed to speak with her in person.

I don’t understand why an unplanned pregnancy would need to lead to murder, but … I guess there’s a lot of things in the world that don’t make any sense.

Lucas is listed as a 6-8 forward from Pueblo HS on the 2011-12 roster for Northeastern; he hasn’t been scrubbed from any of their athletic sites or anything of that nature.

There’s also a theory floated that Schelling’s disappearance could be connected to two other female disappearances in Colorado — Kara Nichols and Raven Cassidy Furlong.

This is a possibility, but it seems less likely because apparently Nichols had previous ties to drugs and prostitution and Furlong was found OK in Los Angeles.

Too much seems to add up to Donthe Lucas in this case. Hopefully one of his friends will talk / roll on him about something they know or have heard. And if he isn’t the guy, hopefully whoever is responsible for her disappearance — and the disappearance of her unborn child — is eventually brought to justice as well.

Ted Bauer


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