How long should a Facebook post, a Twitter post, a headline, or an e-mail subject be if you’re looking for maximum engagement?

You can read the full post with methodology and outbound links here, or check out this infographic for a condensed version: This is mostly designed for marketing through social media / web / e-mail, but I’d probably disagree on the… Continue Reading

By 2015: 349.1 million tablets and 1.95 billion mobile phones shipped worldwide.

That’s the new analysis from Gartner; if you consider the “dawn of the tablet age” to be January 2010 (when iPad’s first generation hit), that’s fairly substantial growth. (There were tablets as far back as 1997 by some arguments, although… Continue Reading

As How I Met Your Mother ends, here’s a scientific look at what makes a great sitcom

How I Met Your Mother concludes this evening. Maybe 2-3 years ago, I would have called it my favorite show on television. Now it’s still in the discussion there, but because I cut cable this past summer and didn’t always want to… Continue Reading


Hulu has a billion dollars (not all profit). It appears to be re-investing in original shows.

As more people cut the cord, streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are going to become increasingly important (I forgot Chromecast there; muh b). This will all be tied up in whatever the “TV of the future” is… Continue Reading

156 of 383 major U.S. metro areas saw their population grow faster than the national average from 2010 to 2013. No. 1? Austin, Texas.

It’s always interesting to see what areas of America are growing faster than others — it ties back to where jobs are, where quality of life is perceived to be highest, and where the ideas of the city about attracting… Continue Reading

If we can extend the length of human telomeres, can we basically end the era of humans dying?

That’s a trailer for a movie that was accepted into South x Southwest this year called The Immortalists. You can read more about it here, but essentially the film follows two guys — not exactly or really scientists, per se —… Continue Reading

30 percent of couples still meet through friends, and 15 percent of people may never get married

Because How I Met Your Mother is ending tomorrow night, The Wall Street Journal decided to do a story about how people actually met your mother (i.e. their significant other), and it turns out that 30 percent of people still meet their S.O. through friends. (I’m in… Continue Reading

Is there a racist undertone to attitudes about the death penalty in the United States?

There has long been discussion about how the death penalty in America is quite possibly racist, and there’s even been discussion about how there might be a gender bias (only 14 women have been executed since 1976). There’s an element… Continue Reading