The Oscar Bump: King’s Speech went from $57 million to $136 million (and this stuff happens a lot)

Ever wonder what an award like an Oscar might be worth? Wonder no more, courtesy of Fast Company and PolicyMic. Here’s a cool infographic:


Some bumps are huge — The King’s Speech and Slumdog Millionaire both basically doubled their pre-nomination haul — while some are less so. And apparently, if your film wins Best Supporting Actress, your money actually drops:


As for what an Oscar win does to the individual actor themselves, well, check this out:

It’s interesting to note that the top-grossing actors aren’t necessarily Oscar winners. Of the top ten stars who’ve grossed the most money over time, only four are Oscar winners (Tom Hanks, Morgan Freeman, Robin Williams and Michael Caine), and six aren’t—Samuel L. Jackson, Harrison Ford, Johnny DeppTom Cruise, Bruce Willis and Eddie Murphy. So while some stellar actors earn Oscars, an Academy win doesn’t seem to have any direct bearing on who makes the most in Hollywood.

Should also be noted here that big-money stars typically take a pay cut to do smaller, “Oscar bait” movies, so that kind of messes with the figures (someone might earn $500,000 for a smaller picture, then earn $17 million for their next picture, but it’s not necessarily reflective of the jump).

Regardless, the big lesson here? Winning awards does help, especially for smaller/foreign films. Will we see a similar bump on something like 12 Years A Slave after tonight? Perhaps.

Ted Bauer