Lena Dunham, of Girls fame, is hosting Saturday Night Live tonight. How’s this going to go?

Theoretically, this has the possibility to shut down the Internet for a few 20-second stretches. We don’t know a ton about it so far — she is hanging out with the girls in the cast, though.

There’s also been some serious fan-girl stuff with Savannah Guthrie, who said that by calling Dunham the “voice of her generation,” you might actually be under-selling her. Alright.

Here’s a few thoughts on how this should go down:

1. There definitely needs to be a Girls spoof in there somewhere. If they can somehow get Tina Fey back playing the same role or a different one, that would be cool.

2. I would love to see Adam Driver show up, especially since he’ll end up being the most famous person associated with Girls in about 10 years.

3. It seems ripe for Dunham to appear on the “Girlfriends” show with Cecily Strong and Adie Bryant.

4. I don’t know if she could roll with this, but I wouldn’t mind seeing her on that ex-pornstars skit either.

5. I do kind of see something with Dunham and Jacob the Bar Mitzvah boy, maybe as his mom/aunt. Doesn’t it seem like she could be related to Jacob? (Is that offensive? Probably.)

6. There needs to be some reference to feminism and nudity (probably multiple), because the nudity angle is a bit weird, admittedly. The Donald Glover episode was particularly weird.

7. I wish Andy Samberg and Lonely Island were still on the show, because I think they could make a pretty cool short with her about playing against type — like they did with Natalie Portman back when.

This season of SNL has been weird — 17 cast members, no one really popping out (maybe Taran Killian or Cecily Strong), and all the controversy with the African-American cast members. The Fallon/Timberlake Christmas-time episode was strong, but others have been mostly uneven. Dunham seems a little like she’s more into the “thought pieces” than the quick-hit-get-a-laugh skits, but based on perceptions about her alone, this should be an interesting episode. I’m just hoping it’s funny.

Ted Bauer