Timothy Jay Vafeades, the “Vampire Trucker,” apparently kept women as sex slaves in his truck.

This is a fairly f’ed-up story. Here’s a snapshot of what happened:

An arrest warrant filed Tuesday in Salt Lake City claims Vafeades kidnapped a 19-year-old female relative who had come from Florida in May 2013 to work with him on his truck, the “Twilight Express.”

After a week, the teen told Vafeades she wanted to go home, but she later told authorities that he strangled her until she blacked out and used threats and violence to keep her with him for the next six months while they traveled to Washington State, Nevada, Texas, Tennessee and other states.

Despite her pleas, Vafeades forced the teenager to have sex with him more than 100 times during their time together, a criminal complaint states.

He chipped down the girl’s teeth and had her wear a fake set, and wore his own false set that featured vampire fangs, the teen told investigators.

Sweet. Sounds like a good dude. There’s more here:

According to her report, Vafeades told the victim that he ‘owner her, that she was never getting out, and that she would do what he told her to do’. He too forbid his victim from making eye contact or talking with anyone, especially men, and if she did he would beat her with a belt while she lay naked on the trailer’s sleeper bed. The victim said these beatings happened regularly, sometimes daily and other times weekly.

Here’s the truck stop (Sapp Brothers, in SLC) where he seems to have picked up the women:

I personally think interstate trucking can be akin to international waters. No one really seems to know WTF is going on. Remember how Los Pollos Hermanos used trucks to move their drugs?

I feel there’s nothing that could stop that from happening. When you pass trucks on the interstate, sure, maybe they have fuel or a huge supply of baby products or whatever … but who’s to say they don’t have heroin or young girls chained up in the back? It’s obviously not the norm, but … goddamn.

The vampire trucker was actually arrested up in northern Minnesota, pretty close to Fargo; that’s where he’s being held right now, with the possibility of facing charges in Utah and Florida:

Ridiculous story that makes you wonder how humanity pushes a person towards that.

Ted Bauer