Adam McKay (Will Ferrell’s boy) and Brad Pitt are teaming up for a Michael Lewis financial crisis movie. Wait, what?

Remember Michael Lewis’ book The Big Short? It’s about the financial crash — here’s an excerpt — and received, as most Michael Lewis things do, positive reviews. (Insane thing No. 1 about Michael Lewis: how did he bag Tabitha Soren? Insane thing No. 2: ever watch a b-school professor interview on YouTube where they’re interviewed in front of their office bookcase? There’s always three Lewis titles. It’s amazing and almost never fails.) Well now, like most Lewis books are, The Big Short is becoming a movie, and … Adam McKay is going to direct it. (And write it.) Yep. The same guy behind Anchorman and Talladega Nights — the former head writer of Saturday Night Live and a long-time collaborating partner of Will Ferrell — will write and direct a dramatic movie about the financial crisis that originated as a Michael Lewis book. No hate for McKay here; part of an artist’s evolution is switching between genres. In fact, the producer on this movie — besides Paramount — will be Plan B Entertainment, which is Brad Pitt’s production company (talk about someone who evolved roles over his career, from “sexy teen” to “generally respected dramatic actor”). Plan B helped produce 12 Years A Slave (Oscar Best Picture), and other Lewis works have done well at the Academy Awards (The Blind Side), so this could line up really nicely for McKay, Pitt, Lewis and company (all of whom are likely millionaires several times over regardless).

Here’s the official statement from Pitt’s company:

“There are those rare literary treasures — as with The Big Short — that park in the harbor and you just wait, with hope,” Plan B said in a statement. “Adam McKay is a singular voice and talent and a ferocious mind. The vector of Adam and this book is what a producer dreams of.”

Amen. At the very least, it should be interesting. Think we could see Sacha Baron Cohen, who’s done some dramatic work but also was in Talladega Nights, in this thing? Or Pitt himself? Or would Will Ferrell want to do a little more drama? Hell, Steve Carrell is doing drama this year and that looks good, so maybe he’d want in.

Ted Bauer