What’s the situation with the Danielle Locklear disappearance?

Danielle Locklear lives in Hope Mills, NC — outside of Fayetteville — apparently with her grandfather. At around 10pm or so on March 11th (a Tuesday), she told him she was headed up the street to see a friend. She hasn’t been seen or heard from since, and the FBI is now involved in the investigation. This line is never good in a story:

ABC11 has learned that police have subpoenaed the cell phones from Locklear’s former boyfriend and several classmates and friends. Officers also concentrated a search in an area around an RV campground near Interstate 95.

As you can hear/see in the video above, though, it appears the former boyfriend is cooperating with police — good sign — but it also seems her clothes were found near a creek. When you have locations for clothes and locations that searches are concentrated in, that’s likely a bad sign.

This article has a bit more context on the geography. When she left her grandfather’s house, she had her cell phone. That appears to be in the Fox Meadow subdivision. The cell phone last pinged from the Lazy Acres RV Park. I might have her address wrong on this map because I’m not sure if “Fox Meadow Lane” is similar to “Fox Meadow Subdivision” — although the Fox Meadow address is near her high school — but it appears this is the route from A to B:

As you can see, that’s 5.3 miles. That’s not “up the street,” per se.

Because the FBI is involved, you’d assume — although that can make an “ass” out of “u” and “me” — that there’s some speculation about a kidnapping. Here’s a random post indicating there could be a suicide involved because of a comment she made on Facebook, and here’s some info on her boyfriend, who apparently is named Je’Michael Malloy. (Again, he’s said to be cooperating.)

Here’s a dagger when investigating teenage disappearances:

Police are conscious that because of Danielle’s age, she may have a wider circle of contacts than her parents realize.

Locklear is now on billboards:

And her aunt has been tweeting non-stop about it:

So here’s what we know, in limited capacity: she’s been missing for about 16 days. Her cell phone was apparently turned off, but the last pings are from an area about 5.3 miles from her house (I think). If so, that’s a long way to go on foot at 10pm on a Tuesday night, so presumably a car was involved in some capacity. The disappearance is out of character, so you fear the worst but hope for the best. Let’s hope something pops here and in the meantime, if you know anything at all, call (910) 425-4103 to help out/offer tips.




Ted Bauer