Michael Dauber’s dad (Billy Dauber) was a Chicago mob hitman. Now? Michael Dauber is awaiting trial for murder.

Well, here’s a messed-up story: Michael Dauber (of Nampa, Idaho) was arrested for murdering Steven Kalogerakos of Idaho City — who was, at the time, his roommate. The murder apparently happened in 2007, Dauber has been a person of interest for years, and the body of Kalogerakos was finally recovered in late 2013 (which helped set the arrest cycle in motion). The two had been friends from years, and even moved from Chicago (more on that in a second) to Idaho together in 1994. Gore alert: there was a bone-saw and dismemberment involved. The trial’s in September, and Dauber’s defense team doesn’t have much room to work with:

“He’s admitted to killing Steve Kalogerakos to four different witnesses,” Gee said.

Gee told the court that Dauber explained the murder to three of those witnesses to intimidate them while making drug deals.

Now cops are chasing down the idea that Dauber is responsible for other murders, and if so, it might be an “apple doesn’t fall that far from the tree” situation: his dad, Billy Dauber, was a reputed Chicago mob hit man.  He met his fate about 33 years ago:

On July 2, 1980, Michael’s dad, Billy Dauber, and his wife Charlotte, were shot and killed in what later turned out to be a mob hit. The irony, Billy Dauber was a known hit man for the mafia.

At the time he was killed it’s believed Billy was cooperating with authorities.

This old Chicago Tribune profile of Billy Dauber opens up by straight-up calling him a killer and a psychopath.

This is a serious case of “nature” over “nurture” on the crime side (yes, nurture probably played a role too).

Regarding the primary murder here, there was some message board chatter in 2008 between Steve’s (the victim’s) sister and another commenter here. This is what Steve’s sister (or, at the very least, someone pretending to be her) wrote:

The persons name is Mike Dauber who was sleeping with Paula Coleman at the time she was with my brother and it’s funny that neither one will speak to me. Paula runs and hides and Mike just doesn’t care since he’s committed several crimes in the past and he lives with what he calls his Malitia Clan. He lives with his surrounding friends like a Iraqian in his own little compound above the sheriffs office. Everyone that last seen Steve said he looked like he lost his best friend..well I guess he did, over a drug addict, whorish girlfriend. Who already has a new boyfriend.

I haven’t found out much more about Paula Coleman, but if you go to the end of that thread, it looks like she’s not involved in the actual case being brought to court.

Next up on the Dauber agenda is the Joshua Reddington case, where he seems to have some connection/tie.


Ted Bauer