What happened to Jodi Huisentruit, and can we ever solve it conclusively?

There are so many angles to this one, it can make your head spin. Let’s start, then, with the basics. Jodi Huisentruit was a TV anchor in Iowa. She disappeared in June 1995. She had the morning shift and typically… Continue Reading

Is Milwaukee the most racially and politically divided city in the United States?

Back at the end of 2010, Milwaukee topped a Brookings Institution study on the most racially-segregated metro areas in America. Now, take a look at this map of the 2012 Presidential results from Milwaukee and surrounding counties: That data originally comes… Continue Reading

Forget summer Fridays. Why do people work in an office on Fridays in the summer at all?

This morning, I probably sent seven e-mails related to different things to people with office jobs. I got six auto-replies about them being out this Friday (bear in mind, for most people this week didn’t even start until Tuesday). That’s… Continue Reading


Brief thought exercise: Is pure/true altruism even possible?

Issues of altruism and fairness and ego have been at the forefront of a lot of social science / psychology for years, and there’s been numerous articles smarter than this one on the topic of “true altruism” — see here,… Continue Reading

Is social media ultimately more an engagement platform or a traffic driver?

A couple of nights ago, I read this “It Takes 45 Days To Send A Single Corporate Tweet” article and thought to myself: Well, this won’t really engender much more respect to the social media process. Then I read this piece… Continue Reading

When politics confuses you, remember this: it’s mostly about voting by party

Politics can often be confusing, but if you dig just below the surface, it doesn’t have to be. Consider this. Pew recently did a study on Presidential candidate traits, and they found some things you’d expect: military experience, Governor, business… Continue Reading

US2020, promoting STEM mentorship, sees seven cities rise (Philly, Raleigh, Chicago, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Allentown, Wichita)

I’ve written a lot about the future of U.S. cities on this blog, and there are numerous theories as to how a city rises up in the modern era. It’s hard to argue with this fact, though: the twin engines… Continue Reading

Potential might matter more than achievement, via research from Zakary Tormala at Stanford

As a society, we broadly seem to value the young and virile — every year that you add is an opportunity for jokes about adding said years, and we take care (well, often) of the very old as if they… Continue Reading