How to get people to listen to you


Check out the graphic above; it’s via here and the whole framework comes from this guy. I won’t elaborate too much here, as you can read the other link and check out his book (second link), except to say this: oftentimes, authority is considered the only aspect that should be focused on. This rolls up with the general attitude — which I do believe is right — that people often buy the people, and not the project/idea. Authority is tremendously important, and it gives you the footing to do the other things on the chart — but without actually doing them and instead focusing on authority only (which you see with a lot of managers), the authority will begin to erode (which, ironically, can make people cling to that aspect even more, creating other problems). There’s no magic bullet for communicating well at work (or in your personal life) — people have been struggling with it for the entirety of human history, it seems — but without focusing on that aspect (the empathy and connectedness), you will lose the authority. In related news, humility is important.

Now please, go enjoy your three-day weekend.

Ted Bauer

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