Is Luis Suarez now officially the third-best soccer player in the world? (And is he about to be No. 2?)

Conventional logic says Messi 1, Ronaldo 2 … so is Suarez 3? Twitter seems to think so.

News outlets are all over it too, so … is there even a debate?

On the flip side of this coin, it’s a good thing London has the most billionaires in the world, because their soccer situation is a beautiful train wreck. Ah, but we’ll always have this:

But seriously … think about this: Portugal just lost 4-0 to Germany. If the United States — The United States! — beats Portugal and Ronaldo doesn’t look effective, and Uruguay makes another run to the semis (this time powered by Suarez), would you be willing to move Suarez into that 2-spot behind Messi in terms of global soccer prowess? I might.

Ted Bauer

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  1. Luis Suarez is the world’s best striker right now. I take him over Messi. Ronaldo is the world’s best winger, and athlete.

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