Is the Maggie Daniels case quite possibly going to be solved through social media? Coach Lytton, the neighbor, etc?

I wrote a little about the Maggie Daniels murder investigation earlier this week; you can click that link for most of the background on the case. There was a comment on my initial post about her social media activity, specifically on Twitter. Now there’s a whole angle in the mainstream press about how one tweet, if verified, could drive the investigation towards someone in her apartment complex. I had some time this morning while waiting for movers, and in the process I checked out her Twitter. There are a couple of interesting elements on there; I’m by no means saying any of them are related to her murder or the investigation, but they do bear some quick glances at. I assume law enforcement is on this, of course.

Coach Lytton

Maggie put up tweets of texts from “Coach Lytton” a bunch. Here are some examples:

Coach Lytton is also the person texting her in August 2013 about her neighbor. Via this, here’s who he is:

The text appears to be from Steve Lytton, a retired coach and teacher from Newton-Conover middle and high schools, according to his Facebook profile. Daniels was once on the high school’s staff.

Via this tweet and the ones above, you’d assume Lytton was some type of protector for Maggie Daniels — a good friend, perhaps a mentor.

That second tweet above — about calling in a posse — and that one in the MyFox link — about the neighbor — indicate that last summer may have been a rougher time for Daniels in terms of dropping off the grid, having troubles with neighbors, etc.

The sunbathing

The custodian at the complex Maggie lived in mentioned that she was out sunbathing a lot. On some true crime TV shows, people have suggested — perhaps inaccurately — that this drew attention to her from other members of the complex. I have no idea if that part is true because I’ve never been to her complex, but there is this:

The boyfriend

Lots of context around a possible out-of-state (South Carolina?) boyfriend. Well, there’s this on May 8:

And this on May 9:

The life updating

Although she didn’t send any tweets on June 28th — the likely day of the murder — she was pretty fond of, as most people are in the modern age, updating her life on social. Check this one out that’s a little bit ominous:

New timeline

Based on the friend she was shopping with on Friday afternoon (last day of her life, apparently), they had plans that evening, but Daniels stood her up (“stood her up”) and wasn’t answering her phone. It seems likely that the murder happened sometime between the end of shopping and the early-to-mid evening, then — as the body was discovered on Saturday morning.

I’d still be chasing the SC boyfriend lead and sweeping that entire complex with full interviews, but I’m sure they are doing that. I’ve seen reports that cops have been on site at the complex pretty much every day for multiple hours since this happened.

Let’s hope we get this figured out soon.


Ted Bauer