So did Nichole Lee and Christopher Lee kill Erin Corwin?

Wrote about this case a little bit a few weeks ago, and here’s some new context: looks like the guy (the other Marine) that Corwin was having an affair with was named Christopher Lee. He’s married to someone named Nichole Lee (more on that in a second), and while he claims all he and Erin Corwin did was kiss, affidavits show they were having an affair. Here’s a full timeline of the case so far — Christopher Lee has been dismissed from the Marines, apparently — and of course, as relates to the primary reason this became a national story (that Erin Corwin was pregnant), here we go:

Now, remember Nichole Lee from the paragraph above? (Good; I’m glad you have solid short-term memory.) Now get this:

Finally, the affadivit states that Lee’s wife, Nichole, admitted to a friend that the couple had something to hide. According to the court document, Nichole Lee berated her husband for not having an alibi and for “not being able to keep his lies straight.” The friend interviewed by deputies was Isabel Megli, owner of the White Rock Horse Rescue Ranch in Yucca Valley, where both Lee and Corwin own horses.

“Nichole made statements to Isabel about the detectives having missed something at their residence when it was searched because detectives did not search the garage,” the affadavit states. “Nichole told Isabel that without a body the detectives did not have a case against them and the detectives would never find the body.”

When contacted Monday evening, Megli told The Desert Sun she and Nichole Lee weren’t specifically talking about the Corwin case, but similar cases.

Despite the contents of these court documents, Christopher Lee has not been arrested — at least, not in the Corwin case.

Sounds a little bit like the Heather Elvis case in terms of a married couple doing away with someone who was a threat to them.

This “similar cases” line ties back to the timeline mentioned above — apparently Christopher Lee was arrested for having “a destructive device.”

This whole case is a bit of a train wreck. I feel badly for Corwin’s family and husband, but it seems like perhaps she got caught up with the wrong people too far from home.

Megli runs White Rock Horse Rescue — that appears to be where Christopher Lee and Nichole Lee were staying for part of the end of June and beginning of July.

Ted Bauer