29.21 percent of Monaco are millionaires. Holy hell.

There are 72 billionaires living in London, but if we knock it down a peg to millionaires, the density becomes insane for one city. Get this: 3 in 10 people who live in Monaco are millionaires. Um:

“It’s unsurprising to see that Monaco is the most likely place where you will bump into a millionaire,” said Williams. “The principalities’ low tax and Mediterranean waterfront is the ideal habitat for wealthy individuals.”

The tiny sovereign city-state, perched on the edge of the French Riviera, has long boasted of a high millionaire head-count, thanks to its practice of levying little to no income tax on individuals.

Perhaps for this reason it’s no surprise that Monaco (and its famous Monte Carlo casino) attracts a cabal of celebrity residents and sportspeople, and has been a feature of several Bond films, including Never Say Never Again and GoldenEye.

Zurich and Geneva were No. 2/3 on the list, and the three main U.S. cities cracking the top 20 were NYC (finance), Houston (oil/gas/energy) and San Francisco (tech). London, No. 1 for the billionaires, is No. 6 for the millionaires.

Pull yourself up by the bootstraps, millionaires!

I kid. Actually after the World Cup, I was trying to figure out a team to root for in the various European club leagues — when I got to Ligue 1, I was thinking AS Monaco (PSG seems like too easy of a choice). AS Monaco just lost James Rodriguez to Real Madrid, so that’s a bit of a bummer — and they might lose Falcao too. But it seems like they have Lucas Ocampos still, and he looks like a stud:

God, the wealth in Monaco is just staggering, eh? 3 in 10? 3 in 10??!?

Ted Bauer