Vogue has 146 more ad pages for September’s issue than its next highest competitor

631 ad pages for Vogue in the September issue, which is regularly used to gauge the health of fashion / luxury / lifestyle publications. The next highest number of ad pages in that space? InStyle, with 485. That’s a difference of 146 ad pages. InStyle only has 20 more ad pages than Elle (No. 3), which only has 20 more than Harper’s (No. 4). In sum, Vogue is still blowing people out of the water when it comes to this space — the September 2007 issue, about which the documentary was made, had the highest number of ad-buy pages ever (about 720+), but of course, ’twas pre-recession. That said, Sept. 2012 was the largest-ever to that point — it weighed four and a half pounds — and the September 2013 issue had Jennifer Lawrence on the cover, which is about as good as you can do from a pop culture standpoint right now, eh?

Not sure who the cover for September ’14 is, but the Vogue Japan issue September ’14 cover was a flashback to the 1990s of elite modeling:

Overall, a lot of magazines are up — especially, apparently, the Hearst brands.

Ted Bauer

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