No one has repeated as NFC South champion ever. Odd, right?

Get this: since the NFL went to eight divisions in 2002, the NFC South has never had a repeat champion. Don’t believe me? Lookie here:

NFC South Division Winners

If you go through the other seven conferences, they’ve all had some sort of mini-dynasty — or at least repeat winners. Consider:

AFC East: Patriots win it fairly often

AFC North: Steelers and Ravens have both repeated as division champions since 2007

AFC South: The Colts won it from ’03 to ’07

AFC West: Chargers won it four years in a row in the mid-to-late 2000s

NFC East: Eagles won it the first three or so years after the eight divisions were founded

NFC North: Vikings won it in ’08 and ’09; Packers have won the last three

NFC West: Seahawks won ’04 to ’07; Niners won ’11 and ’12

Kinda crazy that in 12 years, considering the Saints have won a Super Bowl in that span and the Falcons have had a couple of 12/13-win seasons, no team has ever repeated as NFC South champion. If it’s going to happen this year, that would mean Carolina would need to win the division again. Hell, they could.



Ted Bauer