IQ, EQ? Valid. How about CQ? (Curiosity quotient.)

Why don’t we think about hiring models more in line with people that are curious and WANT to learn, as opposed to evaluating what knowledge people already have? Continue Reading

Where can you get the cheapest flight from?

We have some science behind when you should book travel to get the best discounts, and now we have a little bit of science around where you should fly from. Of course, the latter is a little bit restrictive, as people tend to fly… Continue Reading

Save two hours a day with this e-mail hack

E-Mail is maybe the biggest time suck in the working world. What if you could save 10 hours a week with one simple hack? Well, here it is. Continue Reading

Why you should love college football

There’s nothing like fall Saturdays. Continue Reading


What happened to Brandon Jividen, Rebecca Adams, their kids and their dog? (The Alaska missing family case.)

Multiple people just up and vanish while having breakfast in Alaska. Is the woman’s former mother-in-law involved? Continue Reading

The AstroDome could become the new High Line

Harris County judge Ed Emmett seemingly has a good deal of power in the Houston area. That’s relevant, because he “absolutely opposes” demolishing the AstroDome, which basically hasn’t been consistently used in years. People have been discussing the fate of the… Continue Reading


Can we solve the Elizabeth Collins / Lyric Cook abduction-murder case?

You may know a little bit about this case, but if you don’t, here’s some basic info: the two girls (Elizabeth Collins and Lyric Cook) were cousins. They disappeared on July 13, 2012. Their bodies were (sadly) discovered on December… Continue Reading

Should Human Resources optimize the talent or the organization?

There is possibly no more discussed topic in the Human Resources world than “getting a seat at the table” or “becoming a strategic business partner,” (can be said in other ways as well) which essentially means “being thought to add… Continue Reading