Jennifer Huston case: suicide, robbery attempt, or Kallen Huston involved?

I wrote about this case a little bit last week, and now we have some sad updates. As you can see in the video above, the body of Jennifer Huston was found on a remote part of a retired couple’s 40-acre property. There are a couple of different aspects to this case as people begin to search for answers. First, there’s this:

OK, so foul play is not suspected.

Then, however, there’s this:

It was apparent to the Clemmers that the SUV had been parked for at least a few days. Pine needles lay on its top and the grass that would have been matted by being run over recently was standing straight.

Neighbors told the Clemmers they heard gunshots about a week ago, but Vern Clemmer said he doesn’t pay attention to those since they could come from neighbors who target shoot or illegal hunters.

OK, so there were gunshots possibly around the time the body could have ended up there — but it could be nothing, since it’s a hunting area.

That leads you to potentially think along these lines, as depressing as it is:

OK. I know nothing about this family — and of course, every family is different and imperfect in their own way. I would doubt this is a suicide, although of course, it could be (I wasn’t at the crime scene). I just don’t see a mother of two young children, even if she’s at the absolute end of her rope, going that way. Also, it appears from various reports that the body was found outside of the car. If you’re going to commit suicide, why wouldn’t you just do it in the car? I mean, the end outcome is essentially the same, right?

Obviously “no evidence of foul play” from the police should lead to an open and shut — maybe she poisoned herself with the sleeping pills involved in the final purchase or something — but you do need to come back to the husband for a second. He’s been very emotional and I still doubt he’s involved, but … the court of public opinion is thinking differently:

Now, to the best of my knowledge Kallen Huston has been doing everything you’re supposed to do — but as of about a week ago, he was “cooperative” (good) and “passed a polygraph” (good), but he also wasn’t cleared.

I feel like if he was totally clear, they would just use the word “cleared.” There were two small children in this family — if the mother wasn’t with them while out buying sleeping pills / disappearing, it should be fairly easy to conclusively track where the father is, no? Even if he didn’t have the kids, whoever did would probably know where he was (generally) and his phone would be on in case of emergency, so it would be pinging somewhere, right?

I might just be spitting into the wind here, but I feel like Kallen hasn’t been totally cleared, and that obviously needs to happen first.

A sad story for a Pacific Northwest family — thoughts and prayers, and hopefully we’ll have answers soon.

Ted Bauer


  1. Are there really this many idiots in the world? SHE HUNG HERSELF

  2. There are so many unanswered questions in the manner of this young woman’s death. From the first time her husband was on TV, I was suspicious of him, from his crying that seemed really forced, especially when he placed his hand over his eyes and face. And when he said “she may be in a ditch somewhere”, I thought how would he know that or even suggest that unless he took part in her murder. Sure he passed a polygraph test, but what questions were asked on the test? Many people have passed polygraphs and still have been guilty of crimes. Then when they found the vehicle and her body, it was in an area that may have been construed as a ditch where her vehicle was hidden from the main road.

    Also, the obvious questions are: Why would she with draw $100.00 from her bank account and gas up her SUV, if she was planning suicide. Her husband didn’t say she was acting erratically prior to her leaving the home that evening. He decides later and states that she was acting erratically before she left. Seeming to add some details that would help police surmise it was a suicide or that she left on her own, not planning to return. No one mentioned that she had a history of depression or mental illness.

    I believe foul play was a factor. The “facts” as presented, do not add up.
    I sincerely believe that she did not commit suicide and that perhaps she was followed and murdered. A young mother with two beautiful boys would not do this, particularly if she did not have a history of depression or mental illness It would have been easy for a killer (perhaps her husband) to stage her “suicide”. He could have followed her to a remote location, forced her to write a suicide note, and then asphyxiated her, leaving her body and vehicle in the remote area where it would be difficult to find her until after several days of searching. Also, generally, women do not usually commit suicide by hanging,

    Also, was a complete forensic investigation conducted? One would assume so, however the police captain that gave the press conference, seemed to assume they knew it was a suicide soon after they found her body. He said “we are investigating, but we’re pretty sure we know what happened. They wouldn’t have had time to do a thorough investigation between the time her body was discovered and the time of the press conference.

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