What happened to Brandon Jividen, Rebecca Adams, their kids and their dog? (The Alaska missing family case.)

Super weird, with primary details here: a U.S. Air Force veteran and his girlfriend went missing (i.e. completely vanished) from Kenai, Alaska (150 miles from Anchorage) — along with two kids and a dog (Sparks). Brandon Jividen is the veteran — he’s 37. The girlfriend, Rebecca Adams, is 22. The biological father of the two children died in a motorcycle accident and, within about a month, Jividen was living with them. The family has been missing since May 31 — basically the entire summer — and the last contact anyone had with them doesn’t seem promising:

Relatives say their last contact with Rebecca Adams, on May 27, was distressing and left them fearing for her welfare.

Lanell Adams told the Alaska Dispatch that she and her sister were planning to chat on Skype when Rebecca Adams called at the last minute to cancel.

The pair were always truthful with each other, Lanell Adams said, and growing up would often say “thou shall not lie” as a way to make the other tell the truth.

Lanell asked Rebecca, “Thou shall not lie — are you OK?”

Rebecca Adams responded, “Don’t ask me that right now. Just know that I love you,” Lanell Adams told the Dispatch.

There have been “significant resources” put towards this case — the FBI got involved — but it hasn’t gotten a ton of media attention (there’s only about 2-3 articles about it on Google News as of late August).

Here are a few things we do know, though:

Logical possible conclusions at this point:

  • The mother-in-law is pissed about how things played out and got involved somehow (if she was living in TN, though, they’d have records of her traveling to AK).
  • Something to do with the evicted roommates (although, two years is a long time to hold a grudge).
  • Family fled and is hiding from something / someone.
  • Some type of random connection / act of violence (sad).
  • Something to do with Brandon Jividen’s past — not necessarily that he’s involved, just something to do with his past.

Your thoughts?

Ted Bauer

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  1. There is also a court case in Alaska between the mother in law and Rebecca. It involves the deceased husband/boyfriend/father of the children’s estate.

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