What happened to Christina Marie Morris, and is Hunter Foster potentially involved?

I write about true crime a lot, but … I’ve never really written about an ongoing case close to where I actually live. Well, until now.

Christina Marie Morris (sometimes spelled in the media as ‘Cristina’) is a Fort Worth resident (so am I, as of eight weeks ago) who went missing on August 30th. She was out in Plano, which is about 50 miles from Fort Worth, and she was walking to her car at 3:57am (which admittedly seems a bit weird) at Shops of Legacy (which, again, is in Plano). She lives with her boyfriend, Hunter Foster, back in Fort Worth — again, 50 miles away. He is not presently a suspect and does appear to be aiding in the search, etc. — but the curious aspect of him is that they lived together and worked together, and despite this happening on August 30th, he didn’t report anything until September 2nd. Now, granted, it was Labor Day Weekend — but we’re talking about a person you spend pretty much 24 hours with, give or take, so why would it take 3-4 days to report?

Additionally: according to various public appearances from her mom (Christina’s mom, that is), she had intended to stay with friends in Plano, but decided to go back to Fort Worth at such a late/early hour because she had just had a fight with her boyfriend and apparently wanted to retrieve her dog.

There’s more on the dynamic between Morris and Foster here.

The other guy in this surveillance video — the friend walking with her in the Shops of Legacy parking garage — is apparently not a suspect either. He seems to have parted ways with her before she got to her car. Her car was found in the exact same spot, but she wasn’t. Her phone is dead.

So, consider this as a broad concept: parking garages are dangerous for women alone, especially late at night. That is true. And Christina Morris is about 5-4, 95 pounds — so, she’s fairly small. But it’s almost hard to believe that it could be a totally random thing, because in such a case, the abductor had tremendous luck. He’s looking to abduct a girl, and voila, at 3:57am, here comes one who’s alone? Do guys sit in parking garages all night waiting for their perfect opportunity? Seems very random. It almost seems like someone knew she might be there at that time — i.e. check the pings on Hunter’s phone, or check the friend more, or think about this:

Morris, who lives in the 4000 block of Lafayette Avenue near Camp Bowie Boulevard, reported a theft from her house March 25.

According to the police report, she let a male friend of eight years stay there between 3 a.m. and 3 p.m. Morris told police that her friend had a “drastic personality change” that came out of nowhere and started calling her “Nick” before asking for a shower.

Because she didn’t have water or electricity, a neighbor let him shower at his or her place, but after starting the shower, he took off down the street, the report says. According to the report, Morris returned home to find her purse stolen and her home ransacked. All her belongings were later recovered behind a frame store on Camp Bowie, with the exception of her Social Security card, the report says.

Again, not sure who this guy is — and not sure he’d know she was at a parking lot at 4am — but it’s one thing to consider.

There are a bunch of links, resources here if you’d like to peruse.

In short, it doesn’t seem random — but of course, it could be.

Drones are involved in the search, as is Tim Miller and Texas EquuSearch, but so far nada:

Ted Bauer


  1. Thanks for the speculative character assasignation of Christina’s boyfriend. Move along Sherlock, and let the police make their case.

    • Never said I was right, Leslie — simply threw something out there. I’m letting the police make their case as we speak, and it doesn’t appear Hunter was involved. That’s my bad. See, I’m admitting it.

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