The Tricia Haney Langston case could be similar to Kristy Kelley

It seems like there hasn’t been much information about the Tricia Haney Langston case, even in the general St. Louis area — where she disappeared from. Here are the basics of the case: she went missing on September 23rd (about a week ago) at 11:30pm after leaving The Haus Pizzeria and Bar. Her family did check credit card records, and there were hits on her credit card from a few hours after the last sighting. Here’s where the bar is:

As you can see, it’s near a bunch of different things — I’ve never been to that part of Chesterfield, MO, but it appears it might be a strip-mall-type area (restaurants, bars, etc.)

Like I said, there isn’t a lot of information here, but there are two primary ways this might go:

1. This could be similar to the Kristy Kelley case — she went missing around the time that another Indiana-based mother went missing. The other mother, Joelle Lockwood, was found literally locked in a dog cage by someone she used to know; Kelley was found in a submerged vehicle. There was no connection, and by all indications, Kelley went off the road and drowned. That could be the case with Langston as well.

2. The thing is, though, if her credit card was used hours after the last sighting — that either means she was still out, at a gas station, into the wee hours of Wednesday AM or it means someone used her card. For someone to abduct / do something with a victim then use the card in much the same area as the last point of sight, well… that’s a bit brazen. If nothing else, it would say the person has a history with doing this type of stuff. WebSleuths alludes to that possibility as well. 

Hopefully there’s some type of surveillance from the time the credit card was used that can help out a bit here.

Here’s some info on the car and her, for context:

If you have some theories or knowledge on this case, leave them in the comments. Maybe it could help. 

Ted Bauer