Was Kayelyn Louder lost in a flood, or was it a crime situation?

Kayelyn Louder Missing

Kayelyn Louder disappeared from Utah (Murray) a few weeks ago. The basic details are here: she was last seen leaving her condo at 5:45 on a Saturday, running out into the rain (odd) — barefoot, no less — and the video clip that family members have seen seems to indicate that she’d be right back. She left her purse, car keys, cell phone, and dog — and her dog was apparently quite beloved to her. She brought it into the church for her sister’s wedding. Essentially, she vanished without a trace.She had recently lost a job and was concerned she might have to leave the general Salt Lake City area, but other friends/family report her as “hopeful” and no one thinks she’d run away or cause herself harm.

From a logic standpoint, if you run out of your house barefoot into the rain, you’re probably going to meet a car who’s in your driveway. That’s about the only situation I could think up. Even if you’re running to cause yourself harm, you’d probably bring shoes along, I’d reckon. So there is a possibility of a boyfriend / casual friend / abduction scenario. I’m not saying that’s been established whatsoever, but there is a possibility of such a thing.

As noted here, she could have run to another person’s condo. 

And as noted here, there was flooding in the area that evening.

It’s possible that this is a situation akin to Kristy Kelly — it seems awkward and untoward on surface, but it’s just a woman falling prey to something like water (Kelly apparently drove into a lake).

Louder did apparently have a roommate.

There’s currently no belief in foul play in this case, although there is a bit of an awkward context around a Facebook post she made in 2011:



The last lines there are “… tradition teaches that we get what we earn, what we need, and, ultimately, what we choose unconsciously as necessary for our own spiritual development.”

There’s also that line about “… a person’s world being turned upside down.”

The most logical ideas here, then, are:

1. Something with the weather.

2. Self-harm over loss of a job.

3. Stranger danger situation.

4. Abduction by someone she knew.

5. Abduction or situation by a neighboring condo (two or three neighbors are consistently quoted in articles about this case, which could mean nothing — or could mean that other neighbors are avoiding the media. Remember, the Maggie Daniels case was a neighbor.)

What are your thoughts? Any ideas?

Ted Bauer


  1. Within several days of her dissappearance my initial thought was police need to be searching any bodies of water in close proximity to Kayelyn, primarily because this case reminded me of Elisa Lam. Elisa was caught on camera acting delusional and out of character, she was later found submerged in water. there was some striking similarities between the two ladies. I have no way of knowing whether the police have done any under water searches but I hope by now they have or are considering doing.

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