Does Dustin Blackwell have a role in the Cassie Compton disappearance?

Cassie Compton Missing

Cassie Compton has been missing for about a month from her family’s Stuttgart, Arkansas home. Earlier this month, 100s participated in a search for her, although nothing has been turned up yet. The case is getting some more attention because it was recently (last week, I think) featured on the Jane Velez Mitchell show — and the host tweeted it out as well:

This one is an interesting case that’s gotten some attention, but not a great deal — she did disappear around the same general time frame as Hannah Graham, which has gotten tons of attention, and Christina Morris, which has gotten almost none — and it seems like most of the theories loom in two directions, with a possible third. Let’s dive in.

1. There’s a guy based in her town named Dustin Blackwell. Here’s the last thing posted on her Facebook page prior to the disappearance:

Cassie Compton Facebook

As has been noted by a few other people — online sleuths, so take it with a grain of salt — that was essentially the last time either of them posted on Facebook. It looks suspect, but that doesn’t mean Blackwell did anything here, FYI.

2. Something could be weird with the family here — the party line on the night she disappeared is that she went out to get cigarettes, presumably by herself, and her family knew. Yet she was 15. You can’t buy cigs at 15, and even if you have a friendly local 7-11 or something, it seems like a weird dynamic. There’s also some story that the boyfriend called law enforcement and was told to wait 72 hours. (That typically doesn’t happen.)

3. The mother (Judy) and her boyfriend/fiancee (apparently named Brandon Rhodes) were heavily involved in contacting law enforcement during the early parts of this situation.

There’s been some speculation online — you saw a little of the same in the Natalee Holloway case with her stepfather — that maybe the Brandon Rhodes guy was messing with her and she ran away. Authorities in the area have said they don’t believe she was abducted, but they are involving the FBI and missing children resources.

I personally doubt the stepfather/mom’s boyfriend is involved, but … it’s always something to consider.

Here’s a bit more from Blackwell’s Facebook. Make of it what you’d like:

Dustin Blackwell Facebook

That could just be teenage posturing — Cassie was probably 15 or so, and Blackwell has been ID’ed as maybe 19/20 (although he does have a picture with kids in it, but they could be nephews or something). It’s possible that Dustin courted Cassie, something happened (or didn’t happen) briefly and then they moved on. It does seem a bit suspect that he stopped posting the day after she disappeared, but it could also be a coincidence. We just don’t know.

The mother is now speaking out:

And porch-light vigils are being held:

… in the local community, this is a case of note. It now has some national flair behind it too. And while it’s undoubtedly a bit of missing white woman syndrome, hopefully we can get to the bottom of this soon.

Ted Bauer


  1. You have seen that both Brandon Rhodes & Dylan Blackwell are in custody right? Brandon on unrelated charges just days after her disappearance & Dylan had a bench warrant called in on him after he didn’t show up at parole visits over the summer. But they cashed that in beginning of October and have him in custody too. What do they really know & is this just a charge to hold them on & find out? Check out http://www.vinelink.com & search their names on the sites listed there. They come up in a few places….

  2. Hello everyone. Im dustin blackwells wife. No we have not been together in almost a year. We have a son together. I know dustin very well and i do dislike him some. But i cant see dustin doing that.

  3. I am Dustin’s mother. The reason my son stopped posting is because his but is in jail over something that has nothing to do with the Cassie case. Yes we all hope she comes home. Yes we all hope she is safe,but slandering my son is doing Cassie no good.

    • Thank for you explaining what has been happening, Shannon. I am grateful for your explanation and I did not mean to slander anyone, so I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

    • For Dustins mom and wife.. You do realize that Dustin was up all night the 14th of Sept through the early morning hours of Sept 15th, in Stuttgart. No where else was he keeping those hours on Facebook. Which friends was he referring to that he was with, looking for people to hang out with them in Stuttgart before he left to go back home? What home?

      Cassies status was posted what, Sept 7/8th. But yet Brandon comments the day after she’s missing, and Brandon never slept based on his Facebook posts. So he must have had to scroll down to find Cassies post or click on her profile, to comment. What for? Was he needing to clear his name before cassies case hit the public or was he trying to create an alibi?

      And what does his wife mean by saying “he wouldn’t do that”!?

  4. Im new here. But this is Cassie Kay Compton’s aunt. I am so sick & tired of all the crap from the police force & people who r putting my sister(Judy Compton)down and treating her like a criminal. Non of you ppl know her. This has devastated her to the point of just feeln like part of her is dead with her child gone. She is so distruaght lookinglike she is barely living. I wish i could be there the whole time with her but i live 7hrs away and have my familyto take care of. So all u judging my sister need to stop flapn your fat jaws and think if it was your child or relative that vanished. God knows all your hearts & minds. Mayb u should say a sincere prayer for her.

    • My prayers go out to Cassies mom. False rumors from a lady (one of the suspects mom, Tracey) has ruined this little girls case by shedding bad light on a mom she’s never met. And had only been around Cassie a few times in less than a month. But yet that community decided to follow gossip and stop searching for Cassie. Someone needs
      to straighten their story out and help Cassies mom find her daughter. I mean, the last verified person to see Cassie was her son, not Judy or Brandon.

      • ^ totally agree with this person! Why was Tracey so helpful and talking like she has known Cassie her whole life when in reality she had known her for only 2 or 3 weeks! Remember she said that her son said he saw Brandon on the porch…. and she goes in the medias telling them what her son said BUT who is saying that her son was telling the truth but I guess since he is the last known person to have seen Cassie alive… she has to protect or create an alibi for him??? Mr or Mrs Guest above me, I think that woman knows more about what happened! I hope the FBI is looking at that family!

  5. Wondering if Tracey’s son and Blackwell are knowing each other and/or hanging out?

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