Scott Frost is going to be the next head coach at Nebraska

Scott Frost

When coaches start getting fired after a season ends (any season, really, in any sport), the repercussions can be insane. With football, it’s even more intense. You have college coaches going to the NFL, NFL coaches going to college, and 17… Continue Reading


Serial Podcast: Adnan Syed didn’t do it. Honestly.

Serial Podcast

Mail Kimp — and why Adnan is probably innocent. (Hint: The timeline is a wreck, as is the core of the prosecution’s case.) Continue Reading

How to make Thanksgiving dinner via YouTube

Thanksgiving Dinner

You can manage Christmas almost entirely via YouTube, and do the same with Super Bowl (or other occasion) chili recipes. But the mother of all multiple-prepared-dishes holidays is Thanksgiving. Can you get at that via YouTube? Of course. In fact, I… Continue Reading

Paraphrasing should be a part of your Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving and Paraphrasing

Here’s the deal: Thanksgiving can be an emotionally-misguided time. Drama emerges, things are said, etc, etc. We’ve all been there. (I honestly think it’s either that or small talk. There’s no middle ground.) Can it be avoided? Sure. You can… Continue Reading


Accomplish your goals with visual cues

Visual Cues For Goals

I’m super interested in habit formation and setting goals — although I wouldn’t necessarily call myself very good at either — because I think in some ways it’s the cornerstone of human existence. (That sounded deep.) After all, 45 percent of… Continue Reading


What could have happened to Jessica Padgett? Is it linked to Mica Padgett or Holly Grim?

Jessica Padgett Missing

This is a missing persons case out of the Northampton, PA area — the basic details are here, but Padgett was a wife/mother who worked at Duck Duck Goose Daycare and had a second job at Distinctive Fence. Last Friday, she… Continue Reading


Jimbo Fisher is a sanctimonious piece of shit. Here’s why.

Jimbo Fisher Sanctimonious

Let’s start with “innocent until proven guilty.” Let’s say you believe that Jameis Winston did nothing in the potential rape case, that no one interfered with it at all, and that his on-campus outburst was just immaturity. After all, if you… Continue Reading

Maybe Bugs Bunny is a complex metaphor for the U.S. Army, eh?

Bugs Bunny US Army

I read this New Yorker article (by Adam Gopnik) reviewing a biography of Bob Hope yesterday on a plane. It’s a pretty good article, but one section kinda stood out — and half-entertained, half-confused me. Namely, there’s this idea that maybe Bugs Bunny… Continue Reading