What could have happened to Elizabeth (Ricks) Sullivan?

Elizabeth Ricks Sullivan Case

She was a Navy wife based in San Diego, and she was reported missing around October 13 (so about five weeks ago). Here are some of the details. She essentially sent a text on the date in question and hasn’t been heard from since. There was a sighting of her on October 19th at some soccer fields, but nothing since then. 

If you read through the different stories about this case, the main themes that emerge are:

  • She may have been having marital problems.
  • Her husband ultimately wasn’t the person who reported her missing.
  • She was apparently going out with girlfriends more, even though she has two young kids.

Your initial guess might be “The husband is somehow involved.” His name is Matthew Sullivan, FYI. I’m not saying he is involved or isn’t — I have no idea — but he is giving interviews to People Magazine, so take that for what it’s worth.

Her car was at home, and it appears her cell phone has been turned off since Oct. 13.

There’s always a chance that she’s voluntarily missing — that was something we were thinking about Jennifer Huston for a while, and that case was ultimately a suicide.

I’d say this much for sure: October 13 to November 19 is a long amount of time, especially for someone who had two young children. The most logical theories would probably be:

  • Husband (leaning away from it)
  • Random (can always happen)
  • Possibility she was dating someone via a website or something (possibility)
  • Suicide (hopefully not)
  • Accident/fell into water or area that’s hard to find
  • Ran away

If you know more, feel free to leave it in the comments. Here’s the Facebook page about the search and the case.

Ted Bauer