How about a Rhonda Kitts Daugherty and Lonnie Vann connection?

Rhonda Daugherty

Rhonda Daugherty, soon to become a grandmother at age 49, went missing this past week. Her husband — they appear to co-own an insurance agency — came home from work and found the door wide open, but most of her possessions there. She was not. That was December 2nd. I’m writing this on December 9th. So far, nada. Not a good situation. 

The most potentially promising lead — although there’s not yet a confirmed link — is between Daugherty’s case and the subsequent on-the-lam nature of Lonnie Vann, who was on the TBI’s (Tennessee Bureau of Investigation) 10 Most Wanted List. Vann was charged in July with solicitation of a minor, tampering with evidence, and assault. Daughtery’s husband is on the witness list in that case. Right there you have a potential revenge thing, although remember — there’s no link confirmed from law enforcement and Vann’s history, insofar as we know, seems to involve minors, not adults.

The billboards are out and the search is live (this also contains information about who to contact):

Vann is a promising lead, even if it goes nowhere. The other aspect has to be her husband. His name is Charles Daugherty, and he has been speaking to the media. Here’s a bit more context featuring her son Adam, who oddly describes that maybe his mom was “hiding under a bed” when dad couldn’t find her.

Here’s the Facebook page to help find her.

From a 100 percent logical standpoint, being missing a week is a long time, especially with a grandchild on the way. It does seem like something happened here. I’d try to clear in this order:

  • Lonnie Vann
  • Charles Daugherty
  • Other family members
  • Randoms
  • Completely random event like driving your car into a lake (this one)

The last two on that list seem more far-fetched, especially since most of her possessions were at the house when her husband got home. But the first three need to be researched, and I’m sure law-enforcement is doing that.

If you live in the area or have any contextual information on this case, feel free to leave it. 

Ted Bauer