Jessica Chambers was burned alive in Mississippi. Look at Bryan Rudd and Ali Alsanai.

Jessica Chambers

It seems like “missing women” and “gas station” stories almost never end well. Jessica Heeringa is one example; that case is unsolved currently and now, even an act named for what happened around her is on life support. Jennifer Huston was last seen at a gas station; that didn’t end well either, but for other reasons. Now we have one of the worst cases in the last few years — a beautiful high school girl / former cheerleader / all that was burned alive last weekend in Panola County, Mississippi. Her name was Jessica Chambers. You can read about the basics of the case here, and here see that “there are no suspects.” (Although a 31 year-old male, Derrick Turner, was questioned by police for a day or so, then released.) The police have basically said they have “no idea” in this case. It’s actually a lot simpler than that, though, apparently. 

Start here:

Go and follow those two people mentioned and you’ll get to this, which is by far the most detailed piece of reporting you’ll see on this case right now. I suggest you hit the link and follow through all the way, but here’s a basic summary:

  • The gas station where Jessica Chambers was last seen is a noted hub of gang/drug activity in the area.
  • At some point in her past, Jessica had a relationship with someone named Bryan Rudd, who has gang ties.
  • Apparently also at some point in her past, Jessica had some drug problems — potentially meth — and went away for a period of time to get help. (There’s a letter she wrote her niece on that link.)
  • That all leads to this general idea:

Ali Alsanai is the owner of the gas station mentioned above. He’s apparently about 19 years old. If you do a quick search for him on Facebook, you’ll find him — in Batesville, MS — and you’ll see his profile picture (as of right now) is him with a semi-automatic gun (awkward) and most of his videos appear to be Islamic in nature. There’s more about him on the link above, as well.

What seems to have happened here, in the broadest terms, is that a Southern girl had a dark phase in her life — drugs, hanging with the wrong crowd — and in an effort to get out, she got unwittingly pulled back in (or perhaps wittingly) and ended up deceased. It’s a terrible story. This probably makes it worse:

There’s some gas station surveillance footage here:

And here’s a slightly salacious video regarding “the positive ID” of her killer in the store (not 100 percent accurate, but watch it):

One of the heartbreaking details in this case is that when police found Jessica, she was still alive and able to speak. She did talk to them, but they aren’t commenting on her final words. However, you’d have to reason that she at least made some reference to who/how/what happened, as addressed here:

If that proves to be the final nail in the coffin of whoever did it, you just know this is a future Dateline story with the title “Her Final Words.”

Via this, by the way, it’s possible those final words included “Derrick” or “Eric,” which is why Derrick Turner was probably picked up — and why Eric Bibbs, who lives near where the burning took place, was also questioned. Obviously I’ve never spoken to a person that has just been burned, but I’d assume a word like “Derrick” could come out similar to a lot of other words in an extremely physically debilitated situation. She could have said any number of two-syllable words, potentially. It’s probably hopeless to speculate.

Here’s a bit more on Batesville/Panola County as a gang haven:


There’s also this, although I haven’t found any other sources to back it up:


I’ve driven through Batesville, but admittedly I don’t know a ton about it. If you live near there or have any context on anything, feel free to leave some thoughts in the comments to let this go deeper.

Ted Bauer


  1. I think that ali guy set her up too. And I think she was planning on writing a book about her life, maybe this was an effort to stop it. Either way I think you’re right, they weren’t letting her out

  2. Great expose (in as far as you are able to get info.)! Here’s a question for you, is it possible that instead of murder, this girl died experimenting with drugs? Inhaling a flammable substance while smoking… crack, etc.? People do a lot of stupid and dangerous things to get high. She looked very friendly with everyone. Not saying she wasn’t murdered, but…

    • Thanks Mike. Appreciate your comments. Don’t think she had an OD or anything. Think it was at the hands of someone else. Could be wrong, though. Hopefully law enforcement figures it out.

  3. In the lower left panel of post entitled:

    #JessicaChambers #Batesville Corrupt The Truth About This Town And The Gang That Controls it
    1:36 AM – 13 Dec 2014
    Ali is wearing a striped shirt like the shirt worn by man at pump at 6:51pm in the video

  4. In the gas station video, as Jessica walks towards the door, she bends down and picks something off the ground, I wonder if someone dropped their drugs, she picked them up …..

  5. As Jessica walks up to the door of the gas station, she bends down and picks something off the ground, could it be as simple as someone dropped drugs and she picked them up ?

  6. From photos I’ve seen of Ali … we have a quaint tradition in this country that you should be 21 (and possibly a US citizen) to possess, use, fondle, play with or touch a handgun. What am I missing about Ali packing a Glock?

  7. Why don’t the police do a GPS history search on the phones of suspects to see if any are near area where she was burned anyone who would do this has got to be so stupid they wouldn’t know you can do this so they would have their phones with them linking them to crime scene

    • Despite the FBI/Federal Marshals/Police cell phone string ray scandals (http://www.wired.com/2014/06/feds-seize-stingray-documents/) …

      The police need a warrant to specifically target someone and that requires two things.

      First the police are competent & aware of the fact such technology exists.

      Second, a reason the judge will grant them that warrant. Walking in and saying her ex bf is part of a gang, so the police need to GPS track every member of the gang in town will get you laughed out of court – unless, you can show plausible threat by these people (like the rumor of suspected snitching etc). That level of search has been done before, but only after the Federal law enforcement was able to apply an organized crime law with some pretty strict rules to show evidence and testimony. There is no traction for such things and likely not be any – which is why anonymous probably got involved.

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