Could there be a tie between Chelsea Bruck, Julia Niswender, and Chelsea Small?

Chelsea Bruck Missing

I wrote about the Chelsea Bruck case back on October 29; she still hasn’t been found — going on close to two months now — and the biggest news in the interim seems to be three families of Michigan missing/murdered girls coming together and the gradual increase of reward money. In the Chelsea Bruck case, aside from that sketch we got of the suspect initially, there hasn’t been very much developing — I mean, at least that law enforcement is reporting. They could know a ton and not be leaking it, although that doesn’t seem to be the case. Many people at the Halloween party she went missing from were drunk and/or high.

In some other national attention female missing cases, we seem to be closer with Christina Morris — because Enrique Arochi has been arrested — and you just have a feeling that social media / Anonymous hackers will break the Jessica Chambers case wide open. So here we are with Chelsea Bruck, two months hence and unsolved. What do we know? 

One of the more compelling things we’ve learned, or seemingly learned, on this case is that a 10-mile radius has been searched by ground. That’s not a huge amount of space by any means, but I’d argue 10 miles or so means you can comfortably rule out “drowned” (I’m not even sure if there’s a river nearby, etc.), “fell down” or, in general, accidental things upon leaving the party.

I’d say the amount of ground searches without a body / closure would indicate that she probably left the area by car, and whatever happened — be it good, bad, or indifferent ultimately — happened in that car or after that car ride.

There were five security cameras recording the band at the party that night — Pick Axe Preacher, which is fronted by the home-owner himself (Michael Williams).

Here’s a clip of the band from the party that night:

It’s clearly thrash metal, but that doesn’t mean anything. It may mean that some less-than-stellar kids were at the party, but you could say the same thing about a Beyonce concert, all told. Creeps are everywhere.

You can see Mike Williams’ Facebook here; he posts some weird shit, but hey, don’t we all?

It seems that, by now, over 200 people have been interviewed in this case. You gotta figure that, at one point, someone will trip up and cross their details — and that’ll probably be how this case ends.

There is this interesting possibility, though, that the cases of Bruck, Julia Niswender, and Chelsea Small are somehow connected, much like it seems Morgan Harrington and Hannah Graham are now. It’s less possible because those three women come from different areas of Michigan, although you never know; Niswender’s case seems to have a lot of dead ends, but it seems like there may be a connection back to the fact that she worked at Wal-Mart.

The No. 1 theory you’ll hear online in the Chelsea Bruck case — and again, these are theories, not law enforcement fact — is that, because she’s been to multiple Pick Axe Preacher concerts, she could have taken a ride home with someone she was vaguely familiar with from a previous shindig. It could be this guy:

Here’s pretty much the last major update — about three weeks ago:

I’d say the most logical thing is (a) car involved and (b) person perhaps somewhat known to her and (c) she was probably drinking, although not necessarily super drunk or anything.

As always, if you know the area or have any personal context with this case/Chelsea, feel free to leave something in the comments to help suss out what’s going on.

Ted Bauer