A roundup of social media on the Jessica Chambers case

Jessica Chambers Twitter

It seems like the Jessica Chambers case — girl burned alive in Mississippi, with potential gang involvement — is really becoming a big concept on social media. Herein, a brief rundown of some things that have been going on. Remember: at a certain point, it’s all speculation — but there are a lot of people, far and wide, gaining information here and trying to help. This case could break before 12/31. Could






Ted Bauer


  1. Jessica Chambers Murder Claims,

    Sundance at http://theconservativetreehouse.com/ recently stated the following misleading information about Jessica Chambers;

    “I know Jessica was not out of the Leah House as mom and dad claim. That was a lie, or misspeak, dunno. But Jess was only out since end of Nov. So maybe only a week.”

    Sundance is obliviously a harbinger that will state a lie as fact to add creditability to his speculative theories and self importance.

    The fact is Jessica Chambers had been out of Leah’s House since October, because she started her new job working for Goody’s (Batesville) sometime in October.

    Jessica Chambers’ mother said her daughter “Jessica came home Friday night after ending her shift at Goody’s Department Store in Batesville, where she had recently started working“.

    Listen carefully to phone interview with Bria Lundy Goody’s Director of PR at 00:59 in the video at the link below.

    The claims Sundance at http://theconservativetreehouse.com/ makes should always be checked and rechecked for truth and accuracy!

  2. So you are positive she didnt start the job while still at Leah’s House? I would find it more likely someone at Leah’s House got her the job or helped and THEN she moved out. Someone needs to interview her handler at Leah’s House as this detail should be easy to pin down.

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