Is Charlotte Wilkerson the key in the Jessica Chambers case?

Charlotte Wilkerson Jessica Chambers

Written about this case twice — here and here — and it resonates with me, as it probably does with anyone following it, because it’s so awful (a girl was burned alive), seems so corrupt (look at the first link) and, weeks later in the middle of the holiday season, there’s no official answers.

Social media has been a blessing and a curse in this case, as it is with a lot of true crime — remember what happened with the Boston Bombers? — and as always, anything mentioned on social media or a message board or whatever needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Anyone that ever writes about true crime issues and doesn’t have a background in criminal justice or investigations, myself included, shouldn’t be taken at full face value.

All that said, here’s a new idea.

Start here:


Wilkerson is apparently the across-the-street neighbor of the Chambers family. The big issue with her around social media is pretty simple: she references some party that Jessica Chambers was at, but that doesn’t seem to be backed up by any other account.

Purportedly, she was brought into jail the night of the murder:

There’s more on that here.

And purportedly, she is friends with the daughter of the sheriff in the area:

If you watch this video and go to around 1:20 …

… it does appear that Charlotte Wilkerson is fairly certain “there was a party going on” and after it ended, that’s when it happened.

That would lead you to this potential theory:


So basically, what could have happened — again, I’m no expert — is that Charlotte Wilkerson, a friend of the Chambers family (presumably), lured Jessica Chambers into a situation she couldn’t escape. That might explain why all her friends (Jessica’s, that is) have been saying she wasn’t dressed to go to a party. Maybe that wasn’t her intention, but Charlotte was involved somehow.

Ultimately, this whole thing seems to be gang-related. If so, who/what is Charlotte Wilkerson connected to or afraid of?

There’s a little more on Wilkerson here, including a quote that doesn’t seem to make complete sense.

(If that quote is about phone records and/or looking at the phone of Jessica Chambers, it appears authorities are on that right now.)

My guess/hope is that this case is slowing down a bit because of the holidays, but I’m hoping for an arrest or some new information in the week leading up to NYE. The way I figure it, whoever was involved is probably telling other people — or has told at least a few. It’s hard to keep shit quiet forever. Something will come out.

Final things: it’s also possible she had a current boyfriend named Travo, and that someone named Denise Tutor could be involved.


Ted Bauer


  1. This is such a scary ordeal, I truel believe there will be justice, it is very hard to keep a secret like this,, so someone knows something and ppl talk, so PLEASE IF U KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS HORRIBLE CASE,,PLEASE COME FORWARD, THIS FAMILY NEED YOU, AND JESSICA DESERVES JUSTICE,, PLEASE JUST LET THEM KNOW, EVEN IF U DONT WANT TO SAY WHO U R,, THIS FAMILY NEEDS YOU!!!!

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