Theresa Benn’s death is now a homicide. Was it Kevin Dulaney?

Theresa Benn Kevin Dulaney

You can read about the basic facts of this case here, but for media purposes, this will probably be “The NASCAR Case.” A woman went missing in the area of Talladega Super Speedway (NASCAR venue) on October 19th in the early morning hours. The body was found about a month later. Another month later, and it’s been ruled a homicide. Now the investigation is going to start really rolling (well, after the holidays, right?).

The first name needing to be cleared is the first name that always needs to be cleared: the husband, Kevin Dulaney. 

This is one of the better posts about Theresa Benn’s disappearance, because it gives you some idea of a timeline. Alabama and Texas A&M played on Saturday, October 18th — Alabama routed them — and it appears Benn and Dulaney went to Dee Ford’s to watch the game. Via the bartender, they were there until about 1:45am.

Here’s Dee Ford’s:

The story Dulaney has told police — and apparently a gas station attendant — is that he and Benn got in a fight around 2:30 am — so maybe 45 minutes after they left the bar above — over wanting to go to the races. Dulaney says Benn got out of his car because of the argument, although Benn’s friends question this — and some of them thought her and Dulaney were broken up.

According to this, the area where Benn got out of the car was apparently Eastaboga Road and Speedway Industrial Drive. In relation to Dee Ford’s:

We’ve heard she was about “2 miles” from Talladega Super Speedway when dropped off.

Here’s what makes absolutely no sense, though: the Geico 500 (the NASCAR race on Sunday) didn’t start until 1pm. At 2:30am, that’s 11 hours away! Even if it takes you 2 hours to walk the 2 miles to the race track, you get there at what, 4:30am? And then what do you do? The parking lots open at 5am, yes, but still. It’s possible she was drunk and thought walking/stalking off would be a good idea. That’s certainly a possibility.

The Occam’s Razor in this situation does seem to be Dulaney, though. Benn’s friends make reference to her being on “meds” and make other references to Dulaney “not wanting to let her go.”

You could make the case that maybe this case is related to Nicholas Bower, who also went missing in the same area (although that seemed to have been an accidental drowning).

The likely possibilities here:

  • Random act of violence
  • Accidental drowning
  • Kevin Dulaney

Can you think of a third possibility? I can’t.

If you clear Dulaney, then, you’re down to “drowning” and “random act of violence.”

Since someone had enough knowledge to call it a homicide, you can probably clear “accidental drowning.”

Then you’re down to “Kevin Dulaney” and “random act of violence.”

If you clear Dulaney, you’ve got a killer out there somewhere.

But if you can’t clear Dulaney, it’s probably him.

As always, if you live in the area or know the people or have any thoughts, leave ’em in the comments for more context on the story.

Ted Bauer


  1. I can assure you the police are building a case against the
    evil one that did this horrible act of selfishness.

  2. Why would someone place an individual’s information on social media or any media site for that matter? Stupidity is all that is; guilty or not! Thin k about your actions! Morons!

  3. My first thought was the husband or he has been called ex husband. My husband retire state law enforcement and he was camped there along with his friends. We have talked about it, I am also retired law enforcement, we both believe that Dulancy either did it himself or had someone do it.

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