The new face of inequality: extracurricular activities

Extracurricular Activities

Think about this all for a second: More extracurricular activities = more positive outcomes for children, generally speaking. From activities like “Debate” or “Varsity Baseball,” (not sure why I put either of those in quotes) they learn teamwork, overcoming adversity,… Continue Reading

Everyone lies, but HOW is based on social class

Lying and Class Level

The reason behind you being a liar is probably based on your socioeconomic status. Continue Reading


What if Baby Boomers start leaving experiences (instead of money) to millennials?

Baby Boomers Millennials Travel

I have a ton of thoughts on all this, but I don’t want to get extremely far off the rails before I even really start talking, so … let me begin with a story, which tends to center me. I… Continue Reading

Valuable content is the job of the entire marketing team

Content Marketing Is Everyone's Responsibility

Here’s what we know, generally-speaking: If you read enough blogs and marketing sites, you’d think content marketing is all the rage. It certainly is in some respects, but 65% of B2C companies¬†and 62% of B2B companies¬†report NOT actually having any… Continue Reading

Netflix’s success isn’t really about algorithms

Netflix and Algorithms

We live in this algorithm-dominated world now, and part of the reason that emerged — aside from simply better technology and people focusing on it — was because for generations, a ton of big decisions were made on the gut… Continue Reading


Old media curmudgeons need to shut their yaps about Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch Media Day

Here’s a basic list of Super Bowl 49 related storylines, best I can tell: DeflateGate / adults making “ball” jokes in their nightly reports Tom Brady tries to tie Joe Montana The Seahawks try to establish themselves as a dynastic… Continue Reading

Here’s why artificial intelligence should probably terrify you

I was talking to a friend on Sunday, just about the state of the world — as one is wanton to do on a Sunday — and we started talking about the generally sci-fi idea that evolution won’t end with… Continue Reading

Make this hot and sour soup soon, you prick

Sweet and Sour Soup

I’ve made this soup 2-3 times in the past month. I live in Texas and it hasn’t particularly been that cold — maybe high-20s, low-30s as a low — but best I can tell, it works in multiple weather environments… Continue Reading