Olivia Munn is somewhat of a Cowboys fan? Oh, here we go.

Olivia Munn Aaron Rodgers

You may be aware of the fact that Olivia Munn, she of The Newsroom and Magic Mike and a handful of Internet-friendly GIFs, is dating Green Bay Packers’ QB Aaron Rodgers — and thanks to Andy Cohen, you’re also probably aware of the fact that they don’t have sex on game day. (Well, mostly.)

If you follow the NFL, you may also be aware that the Packers are hosting the Dallas Cowboys — two of America’s most storied franchises, truly — this Sunday afternoon in an NFC Divisional Playoff game. The winner (likely) goes to Seattle to play for the NFC Championship. It’s “The Ice Bowl II.”

You may not be aware, however, that we have a little problem as we build towards Sunday: Olivia Munn is actually a Cowboys fan. 

She’s from Oklahoma. (So, that makes sense.)

She met Jason Garrett at a NFL event a couple of years ago during the Super Bowl. That said, she’s apparently not that big of a Cowboys fan, because she didn’t automatically realize who Garrett was, and it took him 30 minutes to admit he was the head coach of the Dallas franchise. (How low-key is this dude?!).

Because of the “not-knowing-who-Jason-Garrett-is” angle, I’d assume Olivia Munn will be rooting for Green Bay this Sunday. It will be cold, but not that cold:

Rich Russo is the FOX NFL A-Team director (I believe), and you’d assume Munn is probably in the house for this game — it could be Green Bay’s last home game until next fall — so hopefully Russo and his team have the Munn-Cam ready and some context on her background cued up as well.

(By the way, out of all four Divisional Weekend games, I’d say this one and Ravens-Patriots have the highest chance to be utterly thrilling all-timers.)

Ted Bauer