Urban Meyer’s three national titles all came vs. Heisman winners

Urban Meyer vs. Heisman winners

Just a quick note of interest: look at Urban Meyer’s three national titles (2006, 2008 with Florida and last night with Ohio State). Look at the “Heisman Curse.” The three times he’s won a national championship as a head coach, he’s beaten that year’s Heisman winner: Troy Smith (2006), Sam Bradford (2008), and Marcus Mariota (2014). The last 10 times a Heisman winner has played in the national title game — all positions, not just QB winners — it appears the Heisman guy’s team is 4-6. The winners were Matt Leinart, Mark Ingram, Cam Newton, and Jameis Winston. Not sure if that says anything at all really, but it’s somewhat interesting. (Hopefully for the Bucs or some other team, this doesn’t mean Marcus Mariota will have the same professional career as Smith and Bradford — because while the jury is still out on Bradford, they may be pretty close to delivering a verdict.)

Ted Bauer