NFC/AFC Conference Championships: Let’s talk about the QB girlfriends, shall we?

NFL Playoff QB Girlfriends

There are six million and three websites devoted to analyzing sports in a far superior way than I could, and many of them cover the NFL quite religiously. It’s a big deal, especially this weekend — last year, 55.9 million people watched Seahawks-49ers and 51.3 million people watched Broncos-Patriots. (For context, about 7 million people watched the Golden Globes.) I can’t analyze on-field product that well — although if I had to, I’d say SEA > GB because Seattle very rarely loses at home and I’d say NE > IND because Andrew Luck is getting there but he’s not yet there — so instead, let’s discuss the significant others of the four quarterbacks. 

Quarterbacks are supposed to have attractive girlfriends. It’s natural selection and/or an entire porn genre. I can’t remember which one. Do they? In this case, apparently yes.

Tom Brady

We all know this story; he’s with Gisele. She is a native Brazilian but apparently has come to greatly understand and appreciate American football, as showcased here. They seem to be doing “the domestic bliss” thing well, even though they’re both stunningly gorgeous people. (Can I say that about Tom Brady, as a man? You bet your sweet ass I can.) He appears to be doing well for himself in this department, all told.

Andrew Luck

Luck does have a girlfriend, and she hates his neck beard. By all accounts it’s Nicole Pechanec, who was once the captain of the gymnastics team at Stanford. They live together (presumably in Indianapolis), and she was raised in New Jersey after her parents emigrated from the Czech Republic. She appears to be a producer for NBC Sports, mostly focused on live gymnastics events. Here’s a photo gallery. I know absolutely nothing about Luck, but he seems like a nice, good, down-to-Earth kid (albeit with a neck beard) and Nicole here seems like a very focused, gymnastics-loving person of her own ilk. I hope there’s a ring here in a few years, you know? I’m rooting for it.

Aaron Rodgers

We know this one too; it’s Olivia Munn. She, too, has taken to Packers Nation:

There’s been a million and one jokes about Munn and Rodgers, especially in the context of this admission about their sex life. I personally don’t love her in anything, even though I was a vague fan of The Newsroom, but she’s clearly pretty hot and he’s a slightly weird-looking dude (you could classify him as having a pornstache) who people used to think was gay and who may or may not have some kind of foot fetish. He seems to have done alright in the end — or, in the middle depending on where this relationship ends up.

Russell Wilson

This is the most confusing one by far. He split with his wife of two years, Ashton Meem, and there’s a chance he’s dating some big-booty model. (More here.) He also might have stolen the girlfriend of Lions TE Joseph Fauria, namely former WWE NXT Diva Erika Hammond.  Basically, this is mid-20something guy who just won a Super Bowl, may win another Super Bowl, and is having fun up in the Pacific Northwest. Can’t fault him.

Ted Bauer