Here’s President Obama’s 2015 State of the Union word cloud

SOTU Word Cloud 2015

Here are the word clouds for the third State of the Union of every President since Roosevelt — i.e. the penultimate ones — and below (in large format, as well as to the side here in smaller format) is President Obama’s from his 2015 State of the Union. Interestingly on those penultimate SOTUs, Bush (Sr.)’s No. 1 word was “world” — this was 1991, after all (Gulf War issues) and Bush (Jr.)’s No. 1 word was “America” in 2007 (ironically, right before America’s economy crashed into a fiery cauldron of hell).

Additionally, per The Atlantic, Obama has used the word “freedom” less than any President since Warren Harding in his State of the Union addresses. Take that for what you will. 

Here’s the 2015 State of the Union word cloud:

2015 State of the Union Word Cloud

Semi-ironic that the main word here is basically “new America” (when combining), because the narrative is already well on its way to what happens after Obama.

Full speech:

Ted Bauer

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  1. Sorry, but this seems to border, or even tip toe over to conspiracy theory. Maybe Obama used the word “good” the least amount of any president in history. Or maybe he didn’t explicitly condemn the indiscriminate killing of nuns…nearly anything can be made into a slippery slope if one tries hard enough. And nearly any collection of dots can be connected if the lines drawn are long enough.

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