What could have happened to Apryl Foster?

Apryl Foster Missing

Here are the basics of this case. Looks like she was out with co-workers in Tampa/Ybor City on Feb. 11 and did a little bar-hopping, ending at a bar called Double Decker. Police have reportedly questioned three men: her ex-husband, her current boyfriend, and the guy she was hanging out with at the bars that night. All three are currently cleared and have been cooperative. Her car, which seems to have Nebraska Huskers tags, is also missing.

She’s a pretty good singer, as seen here:

… and was apparently doing karaoke on the night of her disappearance, so there’s a possibility someone noticed her there and evil came her way. 

Law enforcement hasn’t released a ton of information, but here’s what we do know:

Here’s some information on her car:

And here’s some more photo context and a briefing:

The reward is now up to $25,000, which could help (seems the Ybor City bar community is invested in this):

And here’s a bit on potential routes/parking lots:

My first guess on this would be “random.” You’d assume the third guy (the guy from that night) was talking to her but potentially let her leave alone. I’ve partied in Ybor once. It’s a nightlife area, so you have people spilling out, drunk, etc.. things can happen. I doubt it’s the ex-husband or the current boyfriend (who doesn’t appear to be with her that night), but you never know.

If you live in the Tampa area or have any context on this case, definitely leave it in the comments.

Ted Bauer