Here comes the slow death of the suburbs

Death of the Suburbs

Here’s a report from a place called “City Observatory,” which probably means they’re fairly pro-city. So, take it with a grain of salt. But check this out: U.S. City and Suburban Growth 2002-2013

“Periphery” means, essentially, “suburbs.” From 2002-2007 (pre-crash), they grew at 1.2 percent in terms of job growth; city centers were at 0.1%. 2007-2011? 0.5% for city centers, and -0.1% for suburbs. Hardly huge numbers we’re dealing with here, but … 

The interesting part of all this, whether or not you think the demise of the suburbs is incorrect, is that (at least in America) much of our economic engines were built on that development and people moving to the suburbs and subsequent home construction and businesses, etc. So what happens if, now, everyone rushes to the cities? There’s less space there, so do we just start gentrifying every square inch we can find? And then what the deuce do we do with all the parking spots in cities?

Times change, Mox.


Ted Bauer