HBO’s Girls Season 4 is a fucking train wreck

HBO Girls Season 4

I wrote a lot about HBO’s Girls last year (Season 3), but haven’t written a lot about it this year (hence, Season 4), except to say that Broad City is a much-better show nowadays. (In another way, they almost can’t be compared; the latter is a surreal look at two misguided people in NYC and their friend circle, while the former actually tries to see several characters through their 20s in a dramedy-type way.) If you have any doubts that Broad City is pulling off the type of shit that Girls seemed to pull off in Season 1 or so, watch this clip:

I just got totally caught up on Girls Season 4 (don’t read ahead if you’re not and don’t want spoilers) and I have to admit: it’s a total train wreck.

Enumerated points, several of which might be off-base:

  • The show is still too much about Hannah (Lena Dunham), although this last episode had a few different storylines. (No Adam or Mimi-Rose, though.) It should no longer be called Girls.
  • I understand that part of the idea behind Marnie is to make her incredibly unlikeable here and there, but how the hell would she accept a proposal from Desi? Three episodes prior, she basically called him an asshole. I guess the point is that she’s so blind about trying to become a musical star and thinks this is what it takes?
  • The Shoshanna sequences with the bikini wax and the “hard cock” with John Ritter’s son were funny, but why is there still concern about Ray’s affections for Marnie on her behalf?
  • Zachary Quinto was humorous with toothbrush-in-mouth as Ace two episodes ago, and based on synopsis of future episodes he should re-appear, but if that’s now Jessa’s whole storyline, can’t he show up for a few minutes in this last episode? Also, Quinto is way, way better on The Slap presently.
  • The stuff with Hannah’s parents was interesting and maybe cool in the sense that most shows wouldn’t go there, but I’m not entirely sure what the goal is here. We already mostly know that Hannah is a sociopath; it was just reaffirmed in the scenes with Maude Apatow (“Cleo”). Is her dad being gay or being a long-time closeted homosexual going to change her worldview drastically? (You can hope, but I doubt it.)
  • It’s awkward how this show will go from one major moment — Mimi-Rose and Hannah trying to establish a relationship, for example — to completely dropping Mimi-Rose for an entire episode. IMHO, it fucks with continuity of arc. I believe myself to be a person that can follow storylines and it’s just kinda meh.
  • I’m extremely excited for Judd Apatow to do this Trainwreck movie, but I find myself waiting longer and longer to watch episodes of Girls on HBOGo these days (Apatow co-wrote the season finale in a few weeks).

Here’s a look “Inside” the last episode, FYI:

  • Apparently Lena Dunham knows people like me (i.e. trolls) write this shit, because she even recently said at PaleyFest that “the pissed-off people are the loudest.” Amen. That’s the literal American way. (It might even be the human way.)
  • To broadly clarify: I still like the show, although I think it’s a little bit off the rails. (Even “a fucking train wreck,” as I so eloquently plopped in the headline.)
  • Let’s think about this for a second: two more episodes in Season 4, it seems. So we figure out Jessa-Ace, Ray and Marnie have a blow-up, Adam and Mimi-Rose keep going, Hannah deals with her dad, Shosh gets going with this Jason Ritter character. OK. Done.
  • So Season 5, what do we have? Hannah in some new job coming to grips with her dad? Marnie and Desi have a horrible break-up? Do we get a Shosh-Ray-Marnie triangle again? Does Adam break up with Mimi-Rose because she doesn’t need him and go back to Hannah?
  • If even 1/4 of those things happen, you’re looking at a Season 5 with very similar storylines to Season 3.
  • At that point, it seems like maybe Season 5 should be the end of the road. No?

Your thoughts on Girls Season 4 so far?


Ted Bauer