Do we think Thomas Rouland is involved in the disappearance of Kimberly Rouland?

Kimberly Rouland Missing

Here are most of the basics of this case, notably:

Siskavich’s girlfriend, Kimberly Rouland, 32, was reported missing on Feb. 10. Her estranged husband, Thomas Rouland, 37, told police she left their Arcadia residence the previous night at 6:30 p.m. and never returned. Arcadia is located about 25 miles southeast of Rochester.

Kimberly Rouland’s stepfather, Hank Cole, told The Greece Post that his stepdaughter and her husband were separated but living together while she worked on getting her own place.

Siskavich said he has dated Kimberly Rouland for about eight months. He also indicated they were supposed to move in together the day she was reported missing.

Add all that up and it doesn’t sound great and seems to point in one direction: the husband, i.e. Thomas Rouland. But if you look at his Facebook page, he’s been sharing a ton of updates on the case. (Guilty people have feigned innocence before, of course, notably in cases such as Scott Petersen.) According to this article, he hasn’t been cooperative with police at all — although in the same article, he claims he has. (His attorney also claims he has.)


There’s a lot of weird issues here that you can find in that top Huffington Post link; for example, Kim and Thomas Rouland have three kids, and the kids are in foster care because the youngest kept wandering out of the house apparently because Thomas Rouland didn’t keep an eye on him (there’s some incident where he was found wandering on a roadway).

She seems to have left the house without a coat (possibly was getting into a car, thus) and without her purse (odd, although people leaving places without their purse is a staple of true crime cases).

So, here’s what we got:

  • Thomas Rouland (this would be the “most logical” suspect)
  • Adam Siskavich (current boyfriend)
  • Random act of violence
  • There was a second/third lover in the picture and that’s who she was going to meet
  • Accident

Complicating all this is that the Rochester area still has some snow and ice, so searches get delayed or shortened:

One of her friends is voting the “Tom Rouland” route:

If I were a betting man (which I only am on The Strip), I’d lean Tom Rouland here — but his behavior does seem somewhat genuine from afar. So perhaps there’s a random situation here too. Stranger stuff has happened. Remember this case?

What’s your take?

Ted Bauer


  1. If you knew all the details on this you would lean more to the husband! He has had 3 different stories on the night she disappeared and his facebook page does not give any updates on the case-only the funeral details. If you watched all the news videos from 13 wham and whec10 you would have more insight and wonder and say yup could be him!!! And he has not been cooperating with police-he lawyered up right after the search warrant on his trailer and his lawyer that had an article in the paper was a joke!!! And there were domestic issues between them and police had to respond to their residence a few times.

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