4,364 people living in London have over $30 million in assets

Where do super-rich people live?

Per here, we have an article that lets us “Map The Global Ultra-Rich.” This is useful because, of course, the rich are inherently better than us. (Right?) I feel like “The Martini Report” taught me that, while also elucidating for me that rich people sometimes use Amazon Prime. (They’re just like us.)

We already knew London had more billionaires than anywhere in the world, even though the combined monetary power in Monaco might be greater. Now we’re really going to drive home just how rich London is. 

First off, did you know the term “ultra-high-net-worth individuals” has an acronym? It’s UHNWI. Nice.

These data points below come from “The Wealth Report,” and for the purposes of that research, an UHNWI is someone with over $30 million in assets. For context, if you have $30 million (most of these people have way more), you can spend $2,000 per day for 41 years before you go broke.

Nice life.

Here are the 20 cities in the world with the most people who have $30 million plus:

London has a lot of rich people

Damn. Alright, a couple of observations:

  • London has over 4,000 people with more than $30 million. Beloit, Kansas has about that many people. The ultra-rich in London could pretty much fit into a small U.S. town. Cool.
  • Americans love to think of themselves as the global center of everything, but lookie here: only New York (No. 4) and Los Angeles (No. 20) rank from America on this list. If you’re courting the affluent, you’d do better to chase Asia (Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Osaka and Beijing in the top 10 alone) or Europe (London, Frankfurt, Paris, and Zurich in the top 10).
  • If you’re wondering why Singapore is No. 3 on this list, read this.
  • I’m a little surprised Toronto has that many super-rich people, although I guess I shouldn’t be. The flip side of it is that 29 percent of children in Toronto apparently live in poverty, so the spectrum gap is a bit wide.
  • You don’t see a lot of oil/energy capitals on this list, even though those people make money. These are mostly finance-driven cities. If you want to really make your mint in life, learn the ins-and-outs of high finance, then find people to get in bed with in London.


Ted Bauer