Iowa State, Baylor: Let’s talk about 14-over-3 seed NCAA Tournament upsets

Bad Day For 3-Seeds

Two three seeds lost in the first round of the first day of the first block of the NCAA Tournament earlier: Iowa State (who I had to the Final Four in some brackets) and Baylor. Since the switch to a 64/68-team field in 1986, this has happened 20 times (less than once per year); the last time it happened twice in one year was 1995, i.e. twenty years ago. Taylor Swift was 5-6 at the time. 

Here’s the chart, via Wiki:

14 over 3 upsets NCAA Tournament

Interestingly, there’s been a 14-over-a-3 each of the last three years, with a broader lesson available when Mercer took down Duke.

Notre Dame beat Northeastern, so the final 14-vs-3 game is tomorrow night at 7:30pm ET: Oklahoma vs. Albany.

Ted Bauer