The essential issues with giving feedback at work

HBR Feedback

Got the image above from Harvard Business Review. Before we get that far into this, how funny is that picture? It kinda summarizes feedback at work in a nutshell in 149 different ways. Here’s the article where I got the image… Continue Reading

Why crowdsource an idea/concept if you don’t care about the responses?

Here’s a little personal story. This was posted on Twitter a few days back: https://twitter.com/letsworkshop/status/593206622291238912 My friend Sarah Pressler recommended me for the gig this guy was offering. I sent this along via Twitter: @sarahpressler @letsworkshop Robert, let me know if… Continue Reading

Let’s retire the idea of “paying your dues.” Oh wait, we can’t.

Paying Your Dues = Should It Go Away?

Here’s a 2014 study on “millennial preparedness” for the workplace. You could choke about 19,287 horses with the amount of words that have been written about the millennial sensibility as relates to work — I myself am guilty as charged —… Continue Reading


5 ways to drive strategy without having formal power

Leading Without Formal Power

Start here: People often confuse “formal power” and “completely understanding what’s best in every situation.” 82 percent of managers aren’t great at their jobs. Take those two things together, right? Here’s where you suss out: everyone loves to let senior… Continue Reading

Social change moves a lot faster than you think

Social Change Is Faster Than You Think

That chart is from here, although it’s ultimately by way of here. (The second link has more interactive graphics.) We’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: in 2001, 57% of the populace seemed to oppose gay marriage. Now, 58% seem to support it.… Continue Reading

We should probably stop considering mobile as “a fad”

Mobile Traffic And Informed Populations

I’ve talked to a lot of random high-middle-management people in my life who have told me that there isn’t really a logical reason to invest in mobile, because it’s a “fad.” (As in, “Well, something else will come along.”) I… Continue Reading

Business World Shift: The introverts are coming

Introverts will someday rule the business world

Personally not sure whether I’m an extrovert or an introvert, although that’s neither here nor there. I have believed for a long time that the marketing world needs more introverts, especially in the modern age — where marketing should be… Continue Reading


Try ‘management by walking around’

Walk Around The Office More

From here: As a leader in his company, Bud used what he called “Management by Wandering Around” (MBWA), where he’d stop into offices and ask the opinions of employees, clients, and others to gather insights about his organization and clients.… Continue Reading